brain-gearsDo you know someone that has a win-lose mentality? Or perhaps you have this belief? You believe that if someone else is successful or doing the same thing that you want to, then there would be less opportunity for you. Winning at all costs is the mantra, and if you don’t see the opportunity to win, then you don’t even try.

Well, a belief like this is not conducive to a long lasting successful business.

We receive emails and phone calls from newbie online sellers that can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. They feel that they can’t compete with big online stores, or other sellers in the marketplace selling the same or similar products. So they give up, without even trying! They give up on their dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Well, sorry to say, but it must not have been that big of a dream to give up on it so easily!

Everyone is unique. Everyone is their own person. We each have our own personality, feelings, beliefs and a unique perspective on life. Some are more creative than others, some are more humorous than others, some are more intelligent than others. But our own individual personalities, likes and dislikes do bleed into one another and cross over to appeal to others. Yes, you are unique, but there are thousands of others that touch on your personality and will hold similar beliefs and outlooks on life. We like the same things, if there weren’t those similarities, then every retailer would struggle selling products.

So what do you do? Find creative solutions to the problems.

If the problem is that you are trying to compete with other retailers, then do something that they aren’t doing. Advertise in a different way, use a unique set of keywords, be more relatable to your audience, to just name a few.

I did a blog series about competing with big online retailers. This 8 part blog series holds a wealth of information about competing with other retailers. Not just big online retailers, but all competitors.

Here are the links:
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Once you drop the win-lose mentality and actually try, you will find that you can be successful with selling online. It does take trial and error and a lot of patience and attention, just like any growing business.

But as long as you don’t give up, you can be successful too! Just remember, big businesses started where you are, with an idea. Stay focused, keep trying and keep your head in the game.

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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