brain-gearsSo you are thinking about starting an online business, right? But you are struggling to know if it’s a good idea, or if you can be successful at it?

Well, you will find a lot of websites out there with misleading information, such as; “You can earn thousands selling online!” or “Anyone can succeed selling online!”

These statements are simply not true. The only true statement is that anyone can start an online business, but no one can promise you will succeed at it and obviously no one can promise you will earn thousands, unless of course they are going to pay you thousands for starting one. (We all know THAT isn’t going to happen!)

So, can YOU start an online business?
Absolutely! Anyone can. Anyone can start selling products on eBay or Amazon or on your own website. Where you choose to sell is up to you. Many people just like you are running their own online businesses, and so why can’t you do that too?

It is a good idea?
Yes! Black Friday 2016 broke records for online sales. There were more sales online than ever in the history of selling products online through various selling channels. Even though there are more businesses starting to sell online, there are more shoppers too, so there is always room for more.

Can you be successful?
Maybe! It’s a real job, and you will only be successful if you work hard, educate yourself, be willing to put in long hours, and be willing to fail a few times & accept that may happen.

You also need a good idea. If you have ideas of what to sell, make sure to do your research to know if it really is a good idea to sell that product. You don’t want to try to offer things that are already saturated online, so stay away from product ideas where the competition is extremely high. There are also products that not just anyone can sell online, so you have to research that as well before you set your heart on it. The competition for these brands that have seller restrictions is low for a reason.

So in short, can you start an online business? YES!
Is it a good idea to start one? YES!
Will you be successful? MAYBE!

We don’t make false promises here at We have been speaking the truth about selling online for well over a decade.

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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