New and Improved Directory! It is Faster….

January 15th, 2015

laptop_researchBy now you have heard about our newly redesigned Directory of Certified Wholesalers! If you haven’t, check out the Preview Video!

The new design of the Directory has made it even FASTER than before! What does that mean?

Well, as you know, this isn’t just a static list of wholesalers like others provide. Our research team adds new suppliers to the Worldwide Brands Directory every business day of the year.

As you also know, we provide Instant Market Research analysis to our Members.  Well the Market Research section and the entire backend of the Directory of has been revamped.  What does this mean?  It means that Members will get results literally in a flash!

We separated the Directory search and the Market Research search. Why? Well, for two reasons..

1. You get supplier results quicker!
Since the market research has been separated, you now get to the supplier results quicker! For those that have already performed their Market Research and already KNOW what they want to sell, they will be able to bypass this section and get to the suppliers faster than ever!

2. You can perform proper Market Research!
When you search in the Directory for products & suppliers, you are using very general terms. Like; Coffee Cups, Desk Lamps, Toys and etc. These aren’t proper terms to use for Market Research!

When conducting market research, you need to use terms such as if someone was going to BUY the product. For example, if someone was looking to buy coffee cups, they typically have a certain style, color or theme in mind. So they will search for things like; I hate Monday Coffee Cups or Red Coffee Cups or China Coffee Cups and etc. They want to get search engine results that bring them closer to what they are looking for. Just like you do!

So not only is everything faster, but the Market Research has been separated to allow members to get a better understanding of how Market Research should be performed. We also have a great new user guide in that section! Just click any of the “need help click here” links on that page in the Directory!

The New Way to Find Dropshippers & Wholesalers!

January 13th, 2015

newdirectory_monitorSince 1999, we here at has remained the gold standard in delivering to online sellers simply the LARGEST Directory of Real, Trustworthy, Certified Dropshippers and Wholesalers that the marketplace has to offer.

Well here in 2015 the standard raised.

We have spent over a year creating a fully redesigned Directory, so now Worldwide Brands is better than ever!  Now access to the millions of products from Certified Suppliers is delivered in a platform that is:

FASTER – new technology provides results on products and suppliers in a flash.

SIMPLER – a new search bar feature allows full access to all areas of the Directory from a single location.

SMARTER – new research and notification functionality that does the work for you.

We are excited about the New Directory and have already received great feedback about it! We hope that all of our members enjoy the new platform and new tools that can be found inside!

Want to see a video about the New Directory and get a peek at what’s inside? Go HERE!


Happy Holidays 2014!

December 17th, 2014

happy holidays 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

November 24th, 2014

happy thanksgiving_2014

Holiday Marketing – Are You Ready?

October 22nd, 2014

linkin xmas tree-blog copyThe holidays always seem to arrive so quickly! Which is why we always talk about getting ready for the holidays in July. Because the next thing you know, there will be turkeys to stuff and presents to wrap! The holidays are a busy time for you personally, and they should be a busy time for your online store as well!

If you haven’t gotten your marketing setup and ready to go, then get to work! If you are using a dropshipper to supply your online store, take a look to see if they have any special deals for the holidays first! Then get to work on your marketing to the masses.

Here are a few ideas for you;

1. Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday. It is the day where many online stores offer great “Black Friday” type discounts and free shipping. You should always participate! There are Cyber Monday/Black Friday directories that you can put your offers on, as well as use email marketing series to your customers to ramp up for it, telling them about specials, discounts, items they may be interested in, and then finally emailing them the day before and then day of to remind them.

2. Free Shipping: Add value to the products in your store by providing Free Shipping this Holiday season. Free Shipping really encourages a customer to buy from you instead of a competitor, because a consumer is looking for a better deal. If they can save some money on shipping, they will definitely gravitate towards that!

3. Get Creative: Creative marketing will give you a jump on your competitors, especially with so many online stores vying for the customers attention. If you have a humorous streak, get silly! It will grab people’s attention and if done right, will make a lasting impression.

4. Social Media:  Social Media Marketing is a valuable tool for any business. Done right, you can get people’s attention real fast and done better, they will share your marketing with others. This is where your creativity can really come into play. Contests, trivia, videos and more are all great things that you can do with your social marketing to get people talking about your upcoming holiday sales.

5. Gift Certificates or Gift Cards: Always make gift cards or gift certificates redeemable in your store available. I come across many online stores that I wish they had gift certificates for that hard to buy for person. You can create your own, or work with a service to make these an option in your store.

6. Help Your Customers Shop:  A clean organized store will always make it easier for someone to buy from you, but during the holiday season, you need to make it even easier. Have a gift buying area, set things sortable by price, provide an affordable gift section, separate things out for gifts for her, gifts for him and etc.

These are just 6 ideas that you can do for your Holiday Marketing this year. There are so many other great things you can do! So get your wheels turning and write up your marketing plan for the Holidays if you haven’t yet! Or maybe I mentioned something above that you have forgotten about. You still have time to fit ideas in!

Keep Calm and Get Your Dropship On!

September 11th, 2014

keep calm worldwidebrands.comEvery day more and more scams are popping up on the internet for starting a business, business in a box, fake wholesalers and more. Like the world needs more right?!?!

Unfortunately these scammers keep in business because so many people fall for their fake promises and flashy webpages. Don’t be an easy mark! All these scammers care about is taking your money. They bring you in at a low price point, and then you get swamped with phone call and email offers to spend more money or they just provide you with repeated stolen information from other sources.

You can always trust us here at We have been in business since 1999 finding genuine sources & recommendations for our members. We have helped thousands of retailers find legitimate wholesale suppliers and dropshippers for their stores.

We keep our promises and provide new sources for our members on a daily basis in our continuously updated online WBI Certified Wholesaler Directory.

We aren’t in business to scam people. Our team works hard on our information and we have maintained a fantastic reputation on the internet for providing trusted sources. We don’t steal! We FIND all the suppliers on our own and do all of our own work.

Our service is a one time fee for lifetime access. We don’t require you to purchase anything else for our membership and we don’t flood you with phone calls or emails. We don’t like that stuff either!

So if you are getting barraged by scam offers and don’t know which way to turn, Keep Calm and Get Your Dropshp On with Certified Wholesalers!

Checking Out the Competition

August 22nd, 2014

checking out the competition

As a retailer, it is very important to check out your competition and stay on top of what they are doing. Understanding your competitors marketing strategies, product selection, customer support, policies, websites & pricing can be used to help you improve your sales.

First, you need to determine who your top competitors are. You may already know a few of them off hand while you were searching on the internet deciding what to sell. But if you don’t know, do a few search engine searches with the keywords you want to focus on to see who comes up on top.

Take a look at these competitors and ask yourself the following;


Does this retailer have more than one website?

How is the general feel of the store? Is it easy to navigate?

Does the site look good? Would I buy from them?



Do they have more than one type of product or several?

Do they have clear pictures and detailed descriptions?

Are the products priced competitively?

Do they offer free shipping?


Customer Support:

Do they have a phone number clearly posted?

Do they offer live chat?

Do they have their email addresses posted?


Search Engines:

Where is this company located in the natural listings?

Are they using ads?

What do their ads say?

What keywords are they focusing on?


Social Marketing:

Are they on Facebook and post often?

Are they on Twitter and post often?


Other Marketing:Do they attend trade shows?

Do they also have a brick and mortar store?

Do they have a blog & post regularly?


You can chart these things out to analyze your competition and to narrow down your main competitors. Plus you can always get ideas on what you SHOULD be doing if they are dominating the search engines!

What are Wholesale Products?

July 8th, 2014


What are wholesale products and how can I find some?

If you retail products online, then buying wholesale products is an important factor for you, because ultimately you need products to sell. Look around you, every single product you see that you bought from a retailer, was purchased at wholesale from a wholesaler or the manufacturer of the product first.

Let’s start at cost.

When you manufacture products, you have to calculate how much each individual item costs you to create. That is your overhead. Materials, Labor, Expenses etc. all get calculated into overhead. Then the manufacturer will add an additional percentage to each product so they can actually make a profit, keep their doors open and continue to pay employees & grow.

Cost + Percentage = Wholesale Price.

If the manufacturer doesn’t wholesale the products to retailers, and you have to work with factory authorized distributors or wholesalers then you have an additional cost.  Manufacturer Cost + Percentage + Wholesalers Percentage = Secondary Wholesale Cost per item. So for retailers, it’s best to buy directly from the source whenever possible to get the better wholesale prices.

Let’s create an example…

BlankiesRWe (made up name) makes soft baby blankets. They determined that it costs them approximately $5.00 to make each one and they figure that the blankets can retail for $19.99 each. So BlankiesRWe, will take that $5.00 and add an additional 40% for their wholesale price. $5.00 + 40% = $7.00.

Now, BlankiesRWe doesn’t wholesale to retailers, they have a factory authorized distributor that does. So the distributor needs to add an additional percentage on top of the $7.00 to cover their costs and valuable warehouse space. So let’s say they add an additional 40% on top of that. $7.00 + 40% = $9.80

So the retailer can buy the product for $9.80 from the distributor, and list the product at the manufacturer suggested retail price of $19.99. So their potential profit could be; $19.99 (MSRP) – $9.80 (wholesale cost) – 2% (average credit card processing fee) = $9.99 retailer’s starting profit.

If you are not stocking the inventory, and you are using dropshippers to fulfill the orders, then you don’t have as many overhead costs than if you had a warehouse. As a retailer though, you still need to tally in your additional costs, such as store hosting, credit card fees, labor and etc to come up with the actual profit numbers. But my example above gives you a good idea where to start.

So how do you find the best wholesalers to use for your store? Shameless plug warning! 

With us here at of course! Our WBI Certified Directory of Dropshippers and Wholesalers has thousands of wholesale suppliers (most of them manufacturers) that work with online retailers. We have taken each and every supplier through a verification process to ensure they are the real deal. Our members know that each supplier in our Directory has been Certified by us to be the legitimate manufacturer or factory authorized distributor of the products they are offering at wholesale.

We add new suppliers, brands and products every business day for our members, so there is always something new to look at and to help avoid saturation. With millions of products at your fingertips, there is a large diversity of products for every type of online store.

Check us out!

Wholesale Affiliate Programs

May 8th, 2014

MoneyWhat is a wholesale affiliate program and how does that differ from dropshipping?

First, let’s explain what an affiliate program is. Let’s say you have a blog online where you talk about coffee and a couple times a month, you post about how much you love coffee and you even mention your favorite brands and flavors.  Those brands probably have an affiliate program for you to sign up for. Most major companies & retailers do! You would sign up for that affiliate program, and put your special link on the words in your blog posts to send people to that place to buy or you place “ads” on the page for people to check out what you like and maybe buy it to try it out.

When a person clicks that ad or link, they will go to the brand or retailers website, and you will earn a set commission amount for every sale that is made. Commission amounts vary across the board for every company, so you can either shop around for the best commission or only promote your favorite places to buy from.

So with an affiliate program, you aren’t the one processing the orders and charging customers. The company you are referring people to will.

A Wholesale Affiliate Program is the exact same thing. You are promoting products, but not necessarily selling them.

So how does that differ from dropshipping?

With drop shipping, you are the one that is offering the products for sale on your website or chosen selling platform. You have a merchant account and will charge the customers the retail price + shipping/handling costs. Once you collect the funds from the customer, you then place the order with the wholesaler that dropships and pay the wholesaler the wholesale cost + shipping/handling. The Dropshipping Supplier will then ship the product to your customers location for you.

So with drop shipping, the wholesaler is your fulfillment center. With an affiliate program, the retailer handles everything and will pay you every month for sales that you generated.

Which is better?

It depends. If you only want to blog about your favorite things, then an affiliate program is better. If you want to control the retail prices, directly communicate with the customers, and actually have a store online, then you need to setup accounts with wholesalers that drop ship to fulfill orders for you.

Which earns more?

Again, it depends. If you get fantastic wholesale prices, you can actually earn more by having an online store than referring people to other websites. So shop around and figure out what’s best for you and what level of involvement you want.

photo by: 401K 2012

Middleman Explained

April 29th, 2014

warningwarningwarningwarningCaution TapeThere is a common misconception about what we (here at mean when we say “middleman”.

Websters Dictionary (full definition) states that a middleman is; parties; especially :  a dealer, agent, or company intermediate between the producer of goods and the retailer or consumer

Synonyms: Broker, go-between, intermediary etc.

This full definition is what we mean when we talk about middlemen and what retailers should avoid. You see, the important thing here with the definition is that it says the middleman is what is in between the producer of goods and the retailer or the consumer. A middleman doesn’t have a warehouse and doesn’t deliver the products they are representing. They are only passing the orders along to the real company that will deliver the products to the retailer or to the consumer directly, so they are an intermediary.

Another definition of a middleman is that they are purchasing products from the manufacturer and then wholesaling them again. But we disagree with this definition. A company that purchases from the manufacturer and wholesales them to retailers is simply a wholesaler or could possibly be the factory authorized distributor if the manufacturer won’t wholesale to retailers directly.

The important thing here is that we do not consider any company that actually holds inventory as a middleman.

However, we only list manufacturers and factory authorized distributors in our Wholesaler and Dropshipper Directory. If the manufacturer won’t work with retailers, we contact their factory authorized distributors. We do not list plain ol’ wholesalers or sub-wholesalers (which are wholesalers that purchase from other wholesalers).

When you work with a middleman or a sub-wholesaler, you aren’t getting the best wholesale prices, because these “wholesalers” raise the wholesale cost, when you could be buying it cheaper by going to the source of the products directly. This is why so many online retailers love our Directory at We only provide those top-level wholesalers to our members for the best prices & superior service, because we cut out the middleman that run rampant on the internet. It’s all part of our wholesale scam protection.

We take our time verifying the information that we gather from these wholesale companies and we turn down listings in our Directory often because a company doesn’t meet our criteria. We only want to protect our members and their consumers by providing them with the best sources of products we can. Which of course means, No Middlemen Allowed!