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4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog”
  1. Well, I worked for my friend’s company selling items on ebay and I’ve watched him grow a lucrative business. I’m committed to changing my lifestyle and career thru the internet.
    After we sign up for the free videos/info products what happens, is there an email that is sent out?
    Thank you!

  2. My wife,Katie & I are senior citizens, ( Retired ) on a fixed income. We, like I’m sure, thousands of other retiree’s are caught up in the worst recession this country has seen in many decades,and potentially the WORST is yet to come. We need to find a way to supliment our income,I hope you can show us a way to acomplish our needs. Our funds to get started is very limited,but we are teachable & time is not a problem. Thank you for your help!! Seriously; Ken

  3. I enjoyed your videos very much I am interested in starting in selling products on line. finding the right product is very importand knowing what to sell. do you offer help in the process?
    Tkankd Leonard

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