“Those who say, “it’s not personal, it’s just business” are lying. All business is personal, and the best business is very personal.” Rick Lenz

get personal and the customer will feel like they are in the right place
this must be the place

When you get personal on your website, it just works. Right from the onset as soon as the customer comes onto your site, they should immediately feel they are in the right space. They are where they need to be to find what they were looking for, or maybe that they didn’t know that they even needed.

Know Your Customer

Knowing who the customer is that you are targeting for your products will make this extremely easy. Like I mentioned in the “Stick to the Plan” article, you need to figure out the target customer and the end goal.

I want to help__(target market)________ do/find/achieve___(what does the product allow them to do)______ so that___(what is the end accomplishment)____

Example: I want to help busy moms find relaxation so that they can care for themselves and their families better.

Excerpt From “Stick to the plan” by Tisha Hedges
get personal with your target audience to build a site that is geared towards them
Tired Mom

So my target customer is busy moms. These poor moms are exhausted and are looking for effective ideas. They are primed to be sold on something. So how do we do that?

By getting personal of course! What does she want to see?

Creating My Website for My Customer

I want to create an ambiance in my store that is warm and inviting. I’m going to show examples of moms doing regular everyday type things. I want to talk to them about being tired and exhausted. I’m heavily promoting their own self care so they can take care of their families better.

I’m going to tug at her heart strings and make her realize that yes, I need this and it will be so beneficial to me and my family. And then I’m going to drive it home even more by showing them the results they will get after they use my relaxation products.

When I show the products, I’m going to weave and craft my words so that I’m talking directly to her and what this product can do for her. I’m going to make it so appealing that she can’t go on without it. I’m going to drive it home by showing how easy it is to use and show images of satisfied moms that are using the products.

get personal by showing the results of what can happen for your target customer

We have just created a personalized website, targeting busy moms looking for ways to relax and take care of themselves.

You can’t do these things with datafeeds and integrations. Those are not personal. They are generalized and data driven. They are not geared for your target customer and do not create a unique personalized experience.

Get personal. You can’t run a successful business without it.

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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