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These are just a few of the thousands and thousands of positive emails we've received at Worldwide Brands since 1999...
Dear Worldwide Brands,
Trying to sustain the high growth we've experienced in recent years, we have been doing a lot of advertising and have, at the same time, started listing our company on lots of online directories. None has been, however, even close to yours.

We've had dozens of new requests in the first week and a few hundreds in the three months we've been listed and this all translated in new accounts and new sales. Overall experience: EXCELLENT!"

Paul C Pantea
Our listing in your Directory has brought over 300 new accounts in less than 2 months and many are now up and running with sites that are producing orders for us. The owners of these sites appreciated the quality of the referrals and we appreciate the new business."

Karin Edmondson
Sales Manager
To Worldwide Brands
The response from your directory has been fantastic. To date we have had about 75 inquires and have signed up over 60. Many of the new drop ship partners are sending in orders as fast as we can get them processed in our system. We are very please with the response and the results. Thank you,

Michael Bondra
Director of Sales
Dear Worldwide Brands:
I just thought you would like to know from a supplier perspective, the Directory is absolutely excellent for wholesalers. Our company has been in the Directory for only about two weeks. As a result, we have many new retail accounts and are keeping the UPS people busier every day!

Thanks. This is a great way to do business.

Need new customers?
Enjoy "no-brainers"? This is a true win-win without hidden costs for the manufacturer. No better way to find willing business partners to enhance cash flow.

Scott G. Paykel
Regional Account Manager

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