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Light Bulk Wholesale
Taking Your Online Business to the Next Level

What is Light Bulk Wholesale?

Light Bulk Wholesale and Light Bulk Wholesale Suppliers are terms that we coined here at Worldwide Brands, Inc. This is the next step after drop shipping and using dropship suppliers. Light Bulk Wholesale is essential to growing your business and taking it to the next level.

So what is it?

A Light Bulk Wholesale Supplier offers their products with minimum orders of $500 or less. This is more cost effective for online retailers that want to and need to take their online business up a notch.

Dropshipping is Great! But...

Using dropship suppliers is essential for beginner online retailers that don't have a lot of startup capital. But what should you do when your business takes off?

Buy more!

With dropshipping, you get products at wholesale prices, but when you buy in light bulk, you get discounts on top of that wholesale price. These discounts make the individual items cheaper and that means more revenue for you!

Customers are already buying from you with your set retail prices, so you can keep your prices the same and earn more. Additional revenue just makes more sense and stocking and shipping your own inventory is so beneficial in many ways.

With Light Bulk Wholesale Suppliers, and with those lower minimum orders, that means that you don't have to rent a 10,000 square foot warehouse or hire a lot of people to run it. If you have some extra space in your garage or house or decide to rent a storage unit, you can still easily manage your business.

Buying light bulk;
  1. Puts you in control of your inventory.
  2. Puts you in control of your shipping.
  3. Puts you in control of your refund/return policies.
  4. Gives you more freedom to offer limited time discounts whenever you want, so you can promote your store better.

Finding Light Bulk Wholesale Suppliers

Who knows better how to find Light Bulk Wholesale Suppliers than the ones that invented the term? The BEST place to find these suppliers is our Directory of Certified Wholesalers.

We have spent years visiting tradeshows, visiting wholesalers and finding genuine wholesale suppliers who will work with new and experienced online sellers. It's not easy, but after over a decade we have collected the internet's largest, most comprehensive Directory of Certified Wholesalers you can find anywhere...and we add new WBI Certified® Wholesalers daily!

If you want to try to find Certified Wholesalers on your own, be sure to visit our Scam Watch page for tips on how to identify the current online wholesale product scams.

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