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These are just a few of the thousands and thousands of positive emails we've received at Worldwide Brands since 1999..
First of all, I just wanted to say that I rarely email someone about their site. I find that 99 out of every 100 sites are either the same old information, or scam sites for which I just don't have the time or patience.

I just wanted to say that I've spent the last 10 hours going through your site, reading your EBook, and checking the...links you've provided. You, sir, are an informational god-send. It's a shame that your site is not required reading for anyone wanting to start an online business. Well, I suppose it already is, but only for those lucky enough to find it.

Thank you! Thank you and good luck!

Laurie Jeanneret
Dear Everyone There...
After all I've learned, words fail me... all I can say is, thank you. Thank you for the enormous amount of work, time and effort you put into [your products] and "Starting Your Internet Business Right.". Thank you for providing the tools and sharing your knowledge, making this old gal's dream a reality.

Best regards,

Elaine Lopez
I just got done reading your book "Starting your Internet Business Right" on line. WOW! You have saved me! I was pretty much "lost in the woods", toying with the idea of starting an e-business. Went to two of the "get rich quick lists" and found out the hard way, luckily at a very minimal cost. What I have discovered is that this is not for me at this time. Thanks again for a great read and some real and honest guidance.


I first wanted you to know that you have already saved me some money. I was "This close" to buying into one of those middleman scams for a mere $40. After devouring the information on you website, I now have the truth about drop shippers. Thanks. Your website has been very powerful for me.

Thanks a million,

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your e-book to help guys like me get up on the net. I have not found anything like it anywhere. It is a great resource!

Thanks much

Gary Schaeffer
Hello Chris,
I am 27 years old and in college. I've been sort of in a rut lately and I'm really trying to get ahead but I hate my job and the pay is terrible. I don't mind working hard...I just want to work hard for me... not for somebody else who doesn't even appreciate it.. Listen, I just want to thank you for all the free information you are giving out to me and everybody else. I read your fantastic e-book about 12 times already. I almost fell flat on my face with many of the scam artists out there. There are so many it's unbelievable!!!! I'm taking this very slowly and trying to learn and get use to the process of building a store online. I already purchased your directory and I think it's super! . Anyways I'm glad I stumbled on to your site. God Bless you and your unselfishness to help other people.

Your very gratified customer

Sammy Diaz
Hi Chris,
Just wanted to tell you that that after no telling how much time and money spent to wade through garbage, I found your site. I read your ebook from front to back and smiled to myself the whole time, because I had finally found something that I could use. Then through your web site I found "Yahoo! Store Profits" and the pieces are coming together. Thank you for putting real usable content in your message.


Dale East
Hi Chris
I am a retired cable ad sales manager and have just entered the world of ecommerce and in searching the web looking for drop ship information, I found your site. I just finished your book and I LOVED it. Semi-retirement is just great and I look forward to working with your company and learning more about ecommerce.

Thanks again for all your help

Jim & Linda Norton
Dear WorldWide Brands, Inc.
I would like to commend you on your free e-book. I have been doing extensive Internet Business research via the internet and phone for over 2 months now so that I can open an Internet Business with open eyes and have not once encountered anyone else who explains the steps and money involved in opening one. It is refreshing to know that your company cares enough to take the time to put out this information.

Thank you;

Dear Worldwide Brands,
Excellent source of information; very professional; I was also impressed with the level of honesty and forthright presentation of the 'ins and outs' of getting started with e-commerce. This is what makes it particularly valuable information. Please keep up the good work.

Richard Nelson
I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times before but I have been looking for [your products] for close to 6 months. WHEW!!! Finally, exactly what someone needs to sell something on the net without having to actually stock or produce the products themselves which was the direction I was headed. Everything just got easy, thank you. Oh yeah, loved the book because it provided me with quite a bit of info on the how to from step one (where ya begin) to actually selling products online and concentrating on the important things like the traffic and profits instead of everything else. Great product...


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"I decided in late November that I wanted a piece of the E Commerce Pie, after a month of looking on my own and searching for drop shippers that were legit and who wasn't an arm and a leg to join (the individual fees add up quickly) ....I found WWB, I took a chance, BEST thing I have ever done. I'm launching my website 4/21/2015 with over a 1000 products, no additional fees on top of WWB Initial fee, great mark ups and working with 6 different drop shippers. Thanks WWB, I feel like you have had my back, even when I was having trouble locating a certain product I wanted to feature, your research staff helped me out (in 2 days) saving me the time and effort. THANKS WWB"

Bellevue , WA