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These are just a few of the thousands and thousands of positive emails we've received at Worldwide Brands since 1999...
Hello Chris,
My name is Andreas Georgiou. I started a company called Andreas, Inc. back in 1997. It was primarily a corporation that was formed in order for me to save money on my taxes. I was a full time musician of 18 years and a starving one at that. I had decided it was time to get out into the "real world" and get myself a "real job." Though the idea of working for someone else really was a turn off for me. It's just not me, it never has been. I guess that was one of the reasons I had loved being a pro musician for so many years, it certainly wasn't for the money. My point is, I was looking for something else. I was hungry for an opportunity to create something of my own that would eventually dwarf my musician's salary.

I one day got the crazy idea that I would start a home based business selling products online. The thing of it was, where would I find products to sell and also, what would I sell? While searching on the internet for answers to those questions I came across a website with information about a book called "Starting your internet business right" by Chris Malta. Best of all, it was free. What a deal. I immediately downloaded it, read it and re-read it. That book changed my life. I now have seven websites with being the primary. I am a platinum power seller on eBay and sell just as much on I am not an I.T expert, nor do I have any technical knowledge when it comes to creating websites or even any experience when it comes to selling online. If it were not for World Wide Brands and the information within their website along with the knowledge that they provided, I'd be singing the blues right now...literally.

I started off my business by selling primarily on eBay but quickly came to realize that there was another 800 pound gorilla product selling market place that many other sellers didn't think was as good as eBay. That 800 pound gorilla was Amazon. Amazon is great for books but not for selling something like martial arts equipment or musical instruments, right? Wrong. Amazon accounts for 50% of my sales and at the moment, is growing at a faster pace than eBay. It would be foolish to overlook them. Amazon has one major, distinct advantage for sellers over eBay, its fees. You can list as many products as you like on Amazon for one flat $50.00 monthly fee. Only when you sell a product do you then actually pay a percentage of the final price of that product. Ebay is quickly coming to realize that this is a very effective business model that is both beneficial to the seller as well as the company. In fact, as recently as September 16th , eBay changed their fee structure to more effectively compete with Amazon using a similar business model. Getting set up with Amazon is relatively easy and once you feed your products through a data file, which they show you how to do, you will find that the sales will start coming in relatively quickly.

One thing to be sure you take care of when selling on Amazon is to make sure that you provide tracking numbers for the orders within the specified time that you have set for your products. Amazon is a much stricter market place than eBay and expects a lot more from its merchants. If you are a 100% drop shipper like myself, be sure that you have distributors that you can trust and that will ship out in a timely manor or else you will be left in a rough spot with Amazon. That's where World Wide Brands comes in. Their list of distributors is nothing but reputable. They are screened before they are accepted by them.

Follow the proven path of success. There is no need to blaze your own path. Although that can sometimes be very rewarding, that is also fraught with risk. World Wide Brands and One Source is the only source I use to find real distributors with real wholesale prices. Don't fall into the middle man scam or be taken for your hard earned money by companies that are less than reputable. I have personally been to Word Wide Brands offices and met the people behind the operation. They are all good people that are part of an honest business that are helping others like myself become successful. What can be better than that?

Andreas Georgiou
Hello Chris,
I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for all of the resources and information you have provided me with over the past couple of weeks. I did take your advice and purchased [your product]. As most people are I was of course skeptical of something that promises so much and is sold over the internet. I have been burned before but after researching your product for weeks and doing my homework I decided to take a chance and laid out my cash. I am happy to say that it was a great investment. Without this product I quite frankly would have given up trying to source and research legitimate suppliers with legitimate products long ago. I am taking this venture slow and have only held a couple of auctions and made one small liquidation purchase for some toys that I think I will be able to make a nice profit on. As I learn more and do more and more research I do tend to become a bit overwhelmed with all of the information and choices out there. I have found your newsletters, videos, resource centre and e books immensely helpful in getting me through the reams and reams of information. It can be a bit discouraging at times but your plethora of free material and obvious experience in this area has helped me maintain my focus. Working full time and raising two young kids does not leave a lot of time or energy left for trial and error. If I am going to make this thing work I need to learn from those that have gone before and avoid as many of the mistakes that are lurking out there as possible. You have made this endeavor immensely more possible with your wonderful product and amazing support and advice that you offer so freely. I do get the impression that you actually care about your customers and do want to see them succeed. Obviously this is one of the keys to your success.

Thanks again

Signed A very happy (but freezing, I need to come down there to Florida...)
Canadian customer.

Glenn F.
Dear Worldwide Brands Inc.
We have forged an alliance with several of the drop ship companies on the site and are extremely pleased with the results. We highly encourage the small and medium size internet or brick-and-mortar establishments to seriously consider a subscription to [Worldwide Brands Product Sourcing Membership.

J. D. McGill, Inc
I want to thank all of you. If it wasn't for your web site I would still be working in my dead end job. Thanks to Chris's e-book and the directory I am fully self-employed now with my own web store and selling products like a mad-man.

Thank you all for everything

Todd Levick
I have subscribed to your directory for a few months now and have been very pleased with the information given. Thank you for your time and continued efforts. The new store I am building wouldn't have been possible without your guide. I owe a lot of my success to your product. It gave me the info I would have never found without it. I still continue to search for wholesale suppliers on a regular basis but the ones I use from your product don't show up on searches and would have otherwise gone unseen.


Brent Hall
I just want to say that I am amazingly impressed by your site. I have spent more hours than you can possibly imagine (well maybe you could) searching for sources of wholesale, surplus, drop shippers, etc., researching and buying money-making schemes and directories, and basically wading through monstrous piles of BS to find a few useful pieces of information. I have found a few other sites or programs with a decent amount of good information, but there's always a lot of scandal and junk thrown in with the good stuff.

I have been doing this for years and your site is the first and only one I have ever found is completely 100% legit, extremely helpful, professionally designed & maintained, and with quick & courteous customer service. Keep up the excellent work and know that you have made the miracle of ECommerce even more miraculous than it was already."

Craig Gross
Dear Worldwide Brands,
I just want to say THANK YOU! Your directory is amazing. I purchased several other directories this week - before I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your site - and without exception, all of them have turned out to be scams.

After reading through the information on your web site, I decided to purchase your product. Of course, having been misled several times this week, I was a little nervous. Not to worry. I was thrilled when I accessed the site for the first time. There was much smiling and squealing involved. I am extremely impressed; it is every bit as fabulous as you claim.

Thanks again.


Kristin Frederking
Just want to say a quick "Thanks" for providing such a great service! This is the best money I've ever spent. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!!

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently using (one of your distributors) for my drop shipping orders. I think they are the best company that I could ever have asked for. They allow you to order online with real time updates. They have lots of different products from such a wide spread. I have contacted my rep for myself here in NY and she is very pleasant. They are nothing but helpful.

They don't even charge me for drop shipping because about 100% of my orders are being drop shipped and they also don't charge me a fee for having a low priced order. Again they are great and I just wanted it to be heard. I still cannot remember how I ever stumbled onto your website, but sure glad I did. Keep up the great work!!

Thanks again.

Scott Hier
Dear Chris,
I have not found one site yet that gives this much of the right info. that is actually in human language that anyone can understand, and yet, still find a way to make those who read your articles laugh instead Of fall asleep! And one more thing-out of all the people I've ever met, or read their articles/books/etc. you are the only one I have found that is as sarcastic as me! That's a good way to keep the attention of your readers!


Hello there
I am a subscriber to your 'directory' and I love it. I also loved your ebook, which was unlike anything I've ever read on the internet before. Out of the dozens of so called "internet guru's" etc. that I have seen, you were the ONLY person that I would actually trust. I could tell right off that you weren't a BS'er like the rest of the guys out there. I was amazed with your honesty, along with the fact that what you sell is actually WORTH what you charge for it, in my opinion."

Have a good one!

Matt Betourney
I stumbled on to your web site by chance, or should I say by an act of God. I am a single mom trying to make ends meet. It's tough out here. I have always wanted to start my own web business but like you talk about I don't have much I can afford to lose. Basically, if I make many mistakes I don't only lose my hard earned, saved, money I lose my chance to ever accomplish my dream of doing this.

The biggest thing for me right now is to some day be able to take my sons on a vacation to Disneyland or anywhere for that matter but my eyes on Disneyland. My sons are 13 and 14 and I have never been able to take them anywhere. They are growing so fast and I am running out of time to show them that they can be proud of me. Anyway, I came to your site for help, I'm so glad I did.

I'll confess that I have already made one mistake with a false wholesaler. Anyway if you have any tips that would help me that would be great although your web site has been like a dream come true for me. I feel so much more educated on what to do and what not to do. Anyway, the point of my letter was to just tell you Thank you for making this site. Your site will no doubt help me to change my life. I'll keep you posted if Disney ever comes...

Thank you so much

Kelly Longoria

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