The Shoppers Mindset

One of the major battles of putting together a website is knowing what shoppers want and providing information to them in a way that they can easily absorb it. The Shoppers Mindset is what we are going to call it.

“Give the lady what she wants.” Famous words spoken by Marshall Field, entrepreneur and department store founder. Even though that was from the 1800’s, it still holds true today. Give the online shoppers what they want.

How Customers Browse

Let’s start with how the shopper is most likely browsing online. Most people are in a state of hurried distraction. ALL….THE….TIME. They are quickly browsing on their phone will riding the subway. Or they are checking a few things out during a TV commercial. Perhaps they are sitting at the office at 4pm on a Friday just waiting for the weekend to start.

With so much distraction, you have to get the information to them in a way they can comprehend and absorb it quickly. Studies have shown that shoppers aren’t reading top to bottom or from left to right. Actually, they aren’t really reading at all. At least not at first. They are just flipping to the next page.. click .. click… click. Until something gets their attention.

Now, I’m not saying that you should remove your text copy and just throw up images and headlines on your site. You NEED that wonderful content you wrote about you. your business and about your products. That is ESSENTIAL to search engines to get traffic! We are talking about how the Shopper typically browses online.

So keep all that, but KEEP IT SIMPLE at the same time.

Get to the point and get it all out in the open.
Who are you?
What is your mission?
What do you have for me?
Why should I shop here?

Keep those questions in mind when building the copy for your home page. You’ve got about 30 seconds to a minute to get their attention.

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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