Halloween…it’s that time of year again when they say the veil is thinnest between the good and evil forces of the world (oooohhh…scary!).

Whether Halloween is your bag of candy or it’s just another day to you, there are some TRULY scary forces at work in the Ecommerce wholesale industry that would curdle the blood of the most experienced tricksters. These forces work to damage the success of your ECommerce business EVERY DAY of the year, not just on Halloween.

So we thought we’d take this opportunity to show you how to get the TREAT for your EBiz this Halloween, instead of all the TRICKS.

Here’s Day 3: “Tardi The Time Bandit”

When it comes to Time Bandits, most people think of the 1981 movie by that name. Time Bandits, however, are actually sneaky little creatures that steal time, and hoard it for themselves. They’re selfish, and don’t care whether their thievery harms people. The REAL Time Bandits (the creatures, not the movie) don’t actually appear anywhere in mythological lore. They don’t want people to know they exist. So, any time someone sees them, they jump back in time and avoid that encounter. This is how they remain completely hidden, ALMOST completely unknown, and still steal time.

Tardi The Time Bandit is one of these creatures. He’s found a very lucrative feeding ground for stealing incredible amounts of time. What is it? Yup, you guessed it. The ECommerce business.

Many of Tardi’s fellow Time Bandits hide in the shadows and cause business owners to procrastinate, become distracted and so on, then they steal that time for themselves.

Tardi The Time Bandit, however, has sneakily invented a much better way to steal incredible amounts of time from both EBiz owners AND their customers.

It’s called “Drop Shipping from China”.

This is something that’s been touted recently as a wonderful new EBiz delivery method that saves money because you’re buying at wholesale directly from China and having the products delivered directly to your customers FROM China. Lots of so-called EBiz Marketers and ECommerce sales platforms are talking about what a wonderful idea this is. There are more and more Apps and Tools becoming available that allow you to drop ship directly from China.

Now, normally, the (very few!) REPUTABLE EBiz ‘gurus’ and site platforms would NEVER consider this to be a good idea. In fact, anybody who knows anything about ECommerce would laugh in your face if you told them that Drop Shipping from China was a good idea.

WHY? Here are a few reasons:

1. When you’re Drop Shipping direct from China, you have no guarantee of the QUALITY of the products you get. Your customers will often end up with cheap, flimsy knock-off products that bear very little resemblance to what you THINK you sold them. Scary!

2. There’s no guarantee that the product you sell will be delivered AT ALL. Scarier!

3. If the product is a cheap knock off, doesn’t look or work as advertised or doesn’t even show up, YOU, the EBiz owner, are on the hook for the REFUND. There is NO legal recourse between your US-based business and a Chinese company. If (and often WHEN) the product is lousy or doesn’t show up, you have to refund the customer, and you CAN’T do anything to make sure you get your money back from the “supplier”. Even scarier!

4. It takes WEEKS for products to be delivered when Drop Shipping from China!! No online shopper in his or her right mind is going to be okay with waiting 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 days or more for delivery! This should be completely obvious to ANYBODY, but these “gurus” and EBiz Apps and platforms don’t TELL you how long delivery takes because they know you won’t USE this silly method. SCARIEST!

Reason #4 (delivery time) is Tardi the Time Bandit’s ultimate goal. He steals incredible amounts of time from EBiz owners and their customers this way, and loves every minute that he steals and hoards for himself.

Again, NORMALLY, nobody in their right mind would take those kinds of risks and alienate their customers that way. But Tardi The Time Bandit has done a very good job of hiding in the background, whispering in people’s ears, and making them believe this is a good idea.

Whatever you do, DON’T let this nasty little creature whisper in YOUR ear and make you believe that Drop Shipping from China is a good idea. It isn’t, and never will be.


First, NEVER let Tardi The Time Bandit know that you’ve learned about him here. He’ll just go back in time and delete this email from your Inbox before you get a chance to read it.

Second, NEVER allow anybody to tell you that Drop Shipping from China is a good idea, no matter WHAT Tardi The Time Bandit has told them to say to you.

You need to use Certified, Verified, REAL, responsible wholesale suppliers based here in the US. Real US-based wholesale suppliers sell top-quality products, will reimburse you for refunds for any reason, and will deliver QUICKLY to your ECommerce customers, which makes all the difference.

How do you find these REAL US-based suppliers? The only way to be CERTAIN is to use a 100% REAL Wholesale and Drop Ship Directory.

There’s only ONE. Worldwide Brands.

For 18 years, Worldwide Brands has been fighting this hidden battle against the evil ECommerce business-killers that go bump in the night, INCLUDING Time Bandits. We Certify wholesalers with a lengthy process that insures that every wholesaler we list is REAL. Then, just to be sure, we check them with a stopwatch to be certain there are no Time Bandits lurking nearby.

This Halloween, make sure that nothing is stealing time, money and customers from YOUR online business. Get Worldwide Brands, and spend your time counting REAL profits for your EBiz.

If you want to make money online, you need the TREAT, not the Trick.

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