Here’s “5 things you MUST know about EBiz Wholesale Sources”, Day 5:


The Holidays come a little early every year for the online retailer – July to be exact. You need to be
preparing for the Holiday Season NOW, not later on in the Fall.

Most people think the Holiday buying craze starts the day after Thanksgiving, but the truth is it starts in
September and tops out toward the end of November. So NOW is the time to get your business ready for the busiest selling season of the year.

LEGITIMATE wholesale suppliers know this, and are right now finalizing their ordering schedules for the
products they’ll carry all the way through the end of the year. They’re going to order exactly what they predict they will sell…and NO MORE. Once the stock they order now has been sold out close to the Holidays, they will NOT restock.

Why? Because if they have any products left in their warehouses on January 1 (after the end of the year), they have to pay EXTRA TAXES on those products. NOBODY wants to pay extra taxes! So real wholesalers walk a tightrope.

They PROJECT what their sales will be during the Holidays, and they fill their warehouses based on those projections.

Then they hope they don’t run out of stock just BEFORE the actual Holidays, but they also hope they have nothing LEFT in stock AFTER the actual Holidays.

Legitimate wholesalers need to get their Retailers (you!) EXCITED about the products they’ll be carrying for the Holidays, because they’ll often carry new products that are being promoted on TV, etc., for the new Holiday Season.

SO, if you’re working with LEGIT wholesalers, they should be sending you product sheets and catalog inserts with new products and prices.

If you’re NOT seeing that happening right now, you could very easily be working with a fake wholesaler
(a middleman…see Day 1 of this series).

So ARE you hearing from your wholesale suppliers right now? (Um…I hope I’m not hearing crickets,
because that would be bad).

I’m going to hope you really do have legit wholesale suppliers, and right now they’re BOMBARDING you with info about their Holiday Season’s products, specials and deals.

YOUR job during all of this is to get your EBiz ready to promote those products. Keep in mind that there’s a little bit of a lag time in marketing online…if you want your Holiday marketing to be in full swing by September, you need to be getting it out there when? Yes, that’s right…right NOW!

As we move into the Holiday Season, you need to stay in touch with your suppliers and make sure you’re keeping an eye on the quantities of product they have on hand. The last thing you want to do is NOT pay attention to that, and end up back-ordering your customers in November. Because as I said, your wholesaler, if they’re legit…is not going to restock before the end of the year.


Hmmm. Hate to say it, but it could very well be that you’re not working with a legitimate top level wholesale supplier.

You could very easily be stuck with a middleman (again, read Day 1 of this series) and middlemen don’t care about little details like causing your customers to be furious with you on Christmas Eve. There are SO MANY of these bad guys out there it’s really amazing, and really EASY to get stuck with one and not know it.

What to do about that? There’s STILL TIME to contact and work with REAL wholesale suppliers before the Holiday Season starts if you get on it QUICKLY.


Well, your friendly neighborhood, that’s how.

WE FIND THOSE WHOLESALERS FOR YOU, and THEN, unlike all the others who PRETEND to be
wholesale directories (and apparently many other things)…

1. We research, verify and continuously update EVERY wholesale company we list.
2. We list ONLY LEGITIMATE wholesalers who have ALREADY AGREED to work with Home-based business owners.
3. When you contact our wholesalers, they KNOW WHO WE ARE and are happy to do business with you.
4. We charge a ONE TIME, LIFETIME ownership fee. Pay once, and you’re done. NO hidden monthly or annual fees.
5. We NEVER give, share or sell your personal information with ANYONE ELSE, for ANY reason.
6. We currently list more than EIGHT THOUSAND REAL wholesalers who represent more than FIFTEEN MILLION wholesale products you can sell online.

That simply doesn’t exist ANYWHERE else. We are the ONLY one of our kind. We know that because our Team is constantly checking out every online operation that calls itself a “wholesale directory”, and we have NEVER found another 100% legitimate company in this business. is the ORIGINAL and longest-lived online EBiz Wholesale Directory on the planet.
It is the INDUSTRY STANDARD that thousands upon thousands of successful home-Based ECommerce Business Owners have started their businesses with.


If you’re a Worldwide Brands Member, you already know all this and you’re already working with legit wholesale suppliers who are contacting you at this very time with Holiday Specials and info. If you’re not, you really should be.

The Holidays are of course the BIGGEST RETAIL SALES SEASON OF THE YEAR, and you don’t want to miss out!

If you haven’t read this entire email series, you really should. You can start with Day 1 of the series HERE. If you have, thanks for reading and have a Happy Early Holiday Season!

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