Halloween…it’s that time of year again when they say the veil is thinnest between the good and evil forces of the world (oooohhh…scary!).

Whether Halloween is your bag of candy or it’s just another day to you, there are some TRULY scary forces at work in the Ecommerce wholesale industry that would curdle the blood of the most experienced tricksters. These forces work to damage the success of your ECommerce business EVERY DAY of the year, not just on Halloween.

So we thought we’d take this opportunity to show you how to get the TREAT for your EBiz this Halloween, instead of all the TRICKS.

Here’s Day 4: “Bogus The Product Choice Imp”

The Halloween lore is rich with Imps. Malevolent, deceitful little creatures, these tricksters delight in misleading people, and in wreaking havoc and destruction wherever they can. 

The ECommerce business is full of Imps. Just search “ECommerce” in Google. You’d have a really hard time finding anything that does NOT lead directly to something controlled by an Imp!

Bogus The Product Choice Imp has found himself a perfect place from which to wreak utter havoc on unsuspecting EBiz Owners. He finds unscrupulous EBiz marketers, whispers in their ears and causes them to tell you to put ALL KINDS of different products on your web site.

Bogus The Product Choice Imp works hand in hand with Kill-O-Tron The Automatic Product Feed, the Trickster we talked about in Day One of this series (you have read Day One, right?)

So Bogus The Product Choice Imp tells everyone to put any old set of products on their web sites, and Kill-O-Tron The Automatic Product Feed AUTOMATICALLY puts groups of unrelated products on people’s web sites. 


The search engines, especially Google, are now looking at web sites AS A WHOLE. They want to see a web site that is a serious source of authority on ONE THING, and one thing only. That’s how successful web sites get ranked well. 

That means that ALL of the products and information on a web site MUST be related according to GOOGLE’s understanding of relevant and related keywords. It’s not enough that WE think products are related to each other somehow; GOOGLE must agree. This requires serious keyword research. 

Sites that carry unrelated products (according to Google’s opinion of their keywords) on their pages do NOT rank in the search engines, and are doomed to the dreaded ECommerce Graveyard, where ineffective web sites go to die.

To be successful, a web site must work within a tightly related product NICHE. 

Bogus The Product Choice Imp goes by thousands of different names across the internet, telling people to go ahead and just slap some products up on a site to see what sells. Any successful online retailer will tell you that this is utterly ridiculous and will never work, but unfortunately Bogus The Product Choice Imp, in his many forms and with his many names, easily outnumbers those who try to tell you the truth. 


According to legend (and Wikipedia!) Imps can be banished by the use of certain wards, weapons and enchantments. But don’t go messing with things supernatural…it’s a bad idea, especially around Halloween! You could get warts and stuff, or even worse. 

Your best defense against Bogus The Product Choice Imp is to IGNORE him. You need to locate REAL wholesale sources that provide tightly niched, well-rounded selections of wholesale products you can sell online. 

How do you find these REAL, tightly focused suppliers? The only way to be CERTAIN is to use a 100% REAL Wholesale and Drop Ship Directory. 

There’s only ONE. Worldwide Brands.

For 18 years, Worldwide Brands has been fighting this hidden battle against the evil ECommerce business-killers that go bump in the night, INCLUDING Imps of all kinds. We Certify wholesalers with a lengthy process that insures that every wholesaler we list is REAL. Then, just to be sure, we check in the closets and under the beds to be sure no Imps are lurking nearby. 

This Halloween, make sure that you’re not making critical Imp-inspired mistakes in YOUR online business. Get Worldwide Brands, and spend your time selling LOTS of your tightly-niched products online.

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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