Halloween…it’s that time of year again when they say the veil is thinnest between the good and evil forces of the world (oooohhh…scary!).

Whether Halloween is your bag of candy or it’s just another day to you, there are some TRULY scary forces at work in the Ecommerce wholesale industry that would curdle the blood of the most experienced tricksters. These forces work to damage the success of your ECommerce business EVERY DAY of the year, not just on Halloween.

So we thought we’d take this opportunity to show you how to get the TREAT for your EBiz this Halloween, instead of all the TRICKS.

Here’s Day 2: “Vlad The Middleman”

According to legend, there are four different types of Vampires. Bat Vampires, Noble Vampires, Deformed Vampires and Reptile Vampires. They’re all evil, of course, but none of them are more evil than the most common fifth type of Vampire that’s never mentioned in the lore; the Wholesale Vampire.

Vlad The Middleman is a Wholesale Vampire. While historically the legends claim that vampires swoop out of the night and drink the blood of their unsuspecting victims, Vlad The Middleman is a vampire that sucks the profits out of ECommerce Businesses.

Sounds a little weird, we know. But is it any more weird than the rest of them sound, really?

Vlad The Middleman has thousands of brother and sister Wholesale Vampires. Instead of hiding in the darkness of night, they hide in plain site on the internet. They claim to be wholesale suppliers, but in reality they are just profit-suckers that have ACCOUNTS with real wholesale suppliers and PRETEND to be one. When your business gets hooked up with a Wholesale Vampire, you’re always paying an extra markup on your wholesale products, which hurts your profit margins.

You can’t run a business with a Wholesale Vampire supplying your products. There’s no money in it.

Vlad The Middleman and his compatriots are very good at this. They sound just like real wholesale companies. They advertise to you, they email you, they have toll-free phone numbers you can call. THEY LOOK REAL. If you’re running an EBiz right now, chances are you’ve come across Vlad or one of his relatives. In fact, you may even be working with one of them right NOW, and not know it.

That’s BAD. It’s very, very bad, and could easily be the reason you’re not seeing the wholesale profit margins you think you should in your online business.

Vlad The Wholesaler will often get together with other Wholesale Vampires and form “wholesale directory” companies. These are supposed to be directories of real wholesale companies that you can use to find products to sell online. Just like all the other Wholesale Vampires, they advertise, run webinars, write articles, use social media…they LOOK REAL.

Unfortunately, Vlad The Middleman has a scary long reach, and nearly ALL of those so-called wholesale directories are filled with his brother and sister Wholesale Vampires. That’s even WORSE; with those Wholesale Vampire Directories, you have NO WHERE to turn for real profit margins.

It’s absolutely critical that you NEVER let Vlad The Middleman and the Wholesale Vampire directories get their fangs into your business.


Well, there are various charms and herbs that some people say will work against these creatures. But the only way to be CERTAIN that you’re not working with Wholesale Vampires is to use a 100% REAL Wholesale and Drop Ship Directory.

There’s only ONE. Worldwide Brands.

For 18 years, Worldwide Brands has been fighting this hidden battle against the evil Wholesale Vampires. We Certify wholesalers with a lengthy process that insures that every wholesaler we list is REAL. Then, just to be safe, we shine a flashlight on them as well. Wholesale Vampires are very sensitive to light; they don’t like to be exposed out in the open.

This Halloween, make sure that there are no money-sucking fangs biting into your wholesale profits. Get Worldwide Brands at a huge Halloween Discount, and shine the light on REAL profits for your EBiz.

If you want to make money online, you need the TREAT, not the Trick.

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