Sometimes it may be necessary to work with multiple dropshippers for your store. Because just one might not have all that you need. So learning how to manage working with multiple dropshipping suppliers will greatly enhance your business. You can expand your product offerings and by that attract even more customers and that will increase your competitive edge.

But, if you don’t have solid organization and extra measures put into place for everything to run smoothly, you can end up with some added frustrations too.

Choose the Right Dropshippers

This is the most crucial part of selling any product online. If you don’t have good dropshipping suppliers in your corner, you are already setup for failure. Find the best dropshipping suppliers at We have already taken each supplier through a verification process to ensure no middlemen, no scams and no fraud! Real wholesalers, real dropshipping, real wholesale prices.

Critical Things to Understand

Make sure that you fully understand how to get the product information from the supplier. Whether that is a datafeed, or you get the information from their catalog and you enter it manually. If the supplier has a lot of products, and it’s manual work, you may want to choose another supplier to work with. You will have to basically transcribe all that product information manually and then check it all manually. It will be too time consuming if you plan on working with multiple suppliers.

If it is a manual process and the supplier has just a few items you want to resell, then it could be worth the time and effort especially if it a product that will greatly enhance your product offerings.

Once you figure out how you get the data, then establish a process to check that product information at least once a day. Even if that simply means setting a calendar reminder or an alert to check for any updates and that everything is operating smoothly.

Second is the ordering process. How do you order? Some suppliers have an automated system, so they get notified when you get notified there is an order. Others you have to login and place the order and others you would email the order (or setup a rule that once you get a notification about the order, it auto notifies your supplier about that order too). Make sure that you and your supplier are on the same page about your ordering process. Even do a test order to make sure that everything is operating smoothly.

Third is the returns, exchanges and etc. Understand each of your suppliers policies about the products and each product page needs to have info about the returns or exchanges policy.

The Biggest Challenge with Multiple Dropshippers

The biggest hurdle that confuses most online retailers is shipping. How much do I charge for shipping?

You can do a whole bunch of calculations from various zip codes for each individual product dimensions, which is quite a daunting task! Or you can do something simple like.. a FLAT RATE of $9.95 shipping fee for anything and FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50.00. You will lose some money on some transactions due to shipping fees, and gain some money on others. So make sure to watch how it’s going and edit as you go.

So you may or may not lose money, but you definitely have a lot less headache and frustration trying to figure it out!

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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