Wholesale Sustainable Clothing.. what exactly does that mean? Sustainable clothing refers to fabric from planet friendly resources like; sustainable fiber crops (hemp, flax, cotton etc.), or recycled materials. Another type of Sustainable clothing includes upcycling and recycling of clothing by adding details or changing the function. It can also refer to how each of the fabrics are made to create the clothing & accessories.

Wholesale Sustainable Clothing in the Worldwide Brands Directory

The concept of sustainable clothing is not brand new. It was initially brought to attention in the 60’s and then each generation has had it’s own movement for it.

So in the Worldwide Brands Directory you can find wholesale sustainable clothing by searching for suppliers with keywords like; sustainable clothing, eco-friendly clothing, hemp clothing, organic clothing & vegan leather. So you will have some fun looking through all the different options.

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James&Co – Light Bulk Wholesale

anne hurley ceo of james&co wholesale sustainable fashion company

We are proud to present this month’s Featured Supplier!
“Plant Based No Plastic Fashion”
Anne Hurley, CEO & Founder, provided us with the answers to our questions.

Q: Tell Us About Your Business

We began business in 2012 selling outerwear made in vegan leather using polyurethane (PU), In 2018 we ceased using PU given the growing knowledge of chemicals and fossils it contains causing harm to workers and the environment. With the launch of 100% plant based vegan leather MIRUM® we are now transitioning all of our vegan leather products to MIRUM® and have just released our first collection of bags. Our collections include organic plant based materials only – cork, hemp, cotton etc – and recently introduced Cellulose Washable Paper vegan leather.

We are both a for-purpose and for-profit business the purpose being both cruelty-free and sustainable – to get plastic out of fashion. For purpose we work on all aspects of sustainability across the business – our operations and our suppliers –  and contribute to Suicide Prevention Australia to help reduce numbers of death by suicide. The business started following the death of my son by suicide in 2011. The business has won awards for its work. We are Peta-approved and Certified B Corp.

Q: Tell us more about your product lines.

Our product lines are women’s outerwear and apparel. Classic styles made good in only sustainable organic materials like cork, hemp, cotton etc.

Q: What sets your clothing apart from the competition?

Our products are only made in non-toxic textiles and we don’t call a textile biodegradable when it is most certainly not. Most competitors will include PU or partially plant based textile products in their products but we do not. We are both Peta-approved and Certified B Corp because we believe it is important to be able to get the badges for trust and integrity. Some competitors do, most competitors don’t.

Q: Do you have any advice for retailers that want to resell your products?

The retailers undoubtedly stock & sell our products because of their own objectives of veganism and sustainability. I would like them to see the arrangement as a collaborative partnership with the focus on making an environmental difference – especially the focus of getting plastic out of fashion. It is the existence of plastic in fashion which is the largest reason fashion is the 2nd largest industry contributor to polluting landfills and waterways.  I would also like it to seen as collaboration with their customers and new consumers and being truly aligned with providing products of choice for them. Research shows that the great majority of consumers would choose to buy the sustainable option if it’s available.

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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  1. It’s heartening to know that more wholesalers are embracing sustainability as a core principle.

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