Wholesale Plants and Trees is typically an area of products that many don’t consider selling. But if you have ever had a fleeting thought about selling plants or trees online, now is the time. Customers searching for “buy plants online” has surged the past few years. While retailers, greenhouses and nurseries started shutting their doors due to COVID, online retailers stepped up to the challenge. The best thing, the demand doesn’t seem to be slowing!

Wholesale Plants and Trees in the Worldwide Brands Directory

Honestly, there are not a lot of live wholesale plants and tree suppliers in the Worldwide Brands Directory at this time. Either nurseries and growers prefer to be the only one selling their plants online or they choose to stay traditional and work with local retailers. But there are a lot of suppliers with plant accessories. Planters, grow boxes, pots, gardening tools, watering cans and more, that are all needed for anyone working with plants and trees. So you will still have some fun looking through all the different options.

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The Jonsteen Company – Dropship & Light Bulk

wholesale plants and trees supplier co founder Jonathan Claasen

We are proud to present this month’s Featured Supplier!
The Jonsteen Company
“We grow trees, promote trees, and educate about trees and tree planting. Go trees!”
Jonathan Claasen, Co-Founder, CFO & Creative Director, provided us with the answers to our questions.

Q: Tell Us About Your Business

We are “everything tree.”  We grow trees in our commercial nursery located behind the Redwood Curtain in Humboldt County, California.  Then we creatively package trees for all kinds of uses, from retail markets to reforestation.  We also educate about trees and tree growing.  Selling through our own boutique online tree nursery (our “Living Library of Trees”) as well as through retail settings across the land and around the world, from Disneyland to The White House Gift Shop.  We were born in national and state parks where our interpretively packaged trees and grow kits have become iconic.  Through creative packaging, we have been able to introduce live trees and grow kits into settings where they have never been before, reaching a whole new audience with the joy, knowledge, and experience of trees and nature.

Q: Tell us more about your product lines.

We are like an arboretum where all the trees are for sale — a place to learn about as well as experience trees.  In addition to a wonderful selection of fascinating tree species, we produce grow kits for people to use to germinate trees from seed.  

Q: What sets your trees apart from the competition?

We like to think that they are more educational, more artful and attractive, and more effective!  Everything we offer is 100% guaranteed to grow.  We have the best guarantee in the plant industry — free replacements indefinitely if anything ever goes wrong with one of our trees or the gardener makes a mistake in the growing process.  We also offer a Toll-Free Tree Help Line for any questions about trees, seed germination, or tree planting for any customer. It’s not a phone tree or AI — it’s real folks ready to talk with you about your tree!

Q: What do you feel are the advantages of selling online?

The internet has a vast reach.  It is truly amazing how many people you can reach through this world wide network.  The format also provides many ideal opportunities to use diverse tools to communicate with your customers and prospects.  A website can be a wonderful blank canvas for your to paint a picture for the world of what you do and who you are!

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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