Wholesale Gift Baskets! Who doesn’t love getting one filled with surprises?!? You can give and get a gift basket for any occasion. YES! ANY OCCASION! Christmas Gift Baskets and Birthday Gift Baskets are obvious ones. But you can also get or create housewarming gift baskets, get well soon gift baskets, new puppy gift baskets, college test prep gift baskets, lost your first tooth gift basket… the occasions and ideas are endless!

This month’s interview is with a listed wholesale and dropshipping supplier that creates unique and one of a kind gift baskets for any special or fun occasion.

Wholesale Gift Baskets in the Worldwide Brands Directory

In the Worldwide Brands Directory you can find wholesale gift baskets by searching for suppliers with the keyword; gift basket. Yes, find them all with that search. Or if you want to get more specific and find only food ones, then type in FOOD GIFT BASKETS. We list suppliers with a lot of other great gift options for add-ons to a gift basket store. For example, try searching for unique gifts!

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Oh La-Laa – Dropshipping and Light Bulk Wholesale

wholesale gift baskets company owner Laurie

We are proud to present this month’s Featured Supplier!
Oh La-Laa
“Your Creative Gift Solution.”
Laurie Mirman – Owner, provided us with the answers to our questions. 

Q: Tell Us About Your Business

We design and produce specialized gifts. We call them gift creations, others would call them gift baskets! Many one of a kind items are included in the gift items and the gift is created around a theme selected by the client. For example birthday, congratulations, wedding, etc. I started the business when I was sitting with my husband who was in the process of dying of cancer. I wanted something to do. So I started making little gifts for the staff at the facility. They loved them because of their uniqueness and whimsical theme. The business has now been around for approximately 20 years.

Q: Tell us more about your product lines.

The product lines are all different. From gift items for kitchen, home, individuals, themed items to make the gift look more creative and fun along with useful products. Each one is unique and special.

Q: What sets your wholesale gift baskets apart from the competition?

More unique! We rarely include food or wine and concentrate mainly on gifts, but we certainly can if requested. Since we are not a factory churning out the same products over and over, we provide a one on one personalized service.

We are highly specialized and take great care and thoughtfulness with our creations.

Q: What advice do you have for retailers that want to sell your products?

We are a small business and do not carry a huge warehouse of inventory. If you see a sample of something we have done, it is very possible the exact products are one of a kind and could not be duplicated. However, something similar would definitely take its place. These are very unique gifts, quality merchandise and very well received.

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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