Are you one of those people who gets a new Barbeque Grill, opens the box and starts putting it together without reading the instructions? I was, many years ago. I figured that if I had three or fewer parts left over after assembly, I was in good shape. Thankfully, I never did blow up the house.

With age comes wisdom, though, so they say. I guess the one thing that I can think of right now that is GOOD about getting on in years a bit is that I learned a long time ago that instructions are there for a reason. Barbeque Grills actually take LESS time to assemble when I DO read the instructions, even including the time it takes to do the reading. :o)

I can’t even tell you in round numbers how many people come to our web site, buy our membership, dive right in, and then start calling and emailing us with questions that are answered right there on our site to begin with, BEFORE the purchase.

Now, don’t get me wrong, here. We do NOT mind answering questions! That’s why we have such a great Customer Service Team. If they didn’t have questions to answer all day long, they just wouldn’t know what to do with themselves! My concern, though, is that if so many people who buy access to our Certified Suppliers are not “reading the instructions”, they are probably not doing it with any of the other EBiz Tools they use either.

If you’re not taking the time to read up about the tools you use for your EBiz, you’re wasting your time at best, and playing a very dangerous game at worst.

Wasting time is bad enough in Home-based EBiz. If you’re not familiar with how your EBiz Store Hosting works, how your Merchant Account really works, how your Ordering System functions, how your Online Advertising and Search Engine positioning should be handled, and so much more, then you’re not going to become nearly as successful as you could be.

It becomes a dangerous game though, to mention just one example, when you don’t take the time to understand how your new Online income affects your Income Tax. You do NOT want to find yourself owing big money that you don’t have at the year, after spending every cent you made Online all year long without putting any of it away for taxes.

W. Edwards Deming once said, “Learning is Not Compulsory…Neither is Survival”. I don’t think those words apply to ANYTHING BETTER than Home Based Businesses. Learn, Survive, Succeed. If you don’t Learn, you may survive and even succeed to a point, but certainly not to your full potential.

I know that many people don’t like to just sit and read. When you’re reading business information, it can get boring very quickly. That’s one reason we try to write all the free learning material on our site in the easiest, plainest way we can, while still staying on point. No matter how dull or boring, though, if you’re using a tool for your EBiz, READ and LEARN all you can about it. It’s actually a little like an Easter Egg Hunt. You’ll find that the tools you use have capabilities you didn’t even know about. ;o)

If you’re looking for some easy EBiz reading to practice on that really will help you out, check out our Free EBook, Starting Your Internet Business Right. You’ll find it here; Click for Free eBook

We’ve seen and heard people say for years, “How come HE or SHE is successful in EBiz, and I can’t seem to make this work, even though I use the same methods?” In my experience, it is invariably the fact that the successful person knows all the tools they’re using inside and out, and the unsuccessful person still has three pieces left over from the Barbeque Grill in the back yard.

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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