As tempting as it may be to just dive in and get started, you should really take a moment to plan your website design. Whether you are going to sell children’s toys or athletic socks, things will go so much more smoothly if you take the time for mapping out your online store.

Home is the starting point of any website. It is your welcome page, your store front, the place where you convey your brand the most. Everything branches off the home page – so start by creating a list of the pages you want to include and break them into categories.

For example: Mapping Out Your Online Store Simply

This would be a simple site of course, but you don’t need to complicate things! So we have the home page, and from there we will branch off into our business information and products for sale and then the sub-pages from there.

You can easily make bullet points for what you want to include on these pages so you can see if you maybe you need to create more pages for other important information.

Page Examples

An example of that would be the Order Info page. Let’s say you talk about how to order from you, the method of payments you accept as well as shipping information on this page. But then you want to also talk about returns/exchanges and your official terms & conditions and your privacy policy. That page will start to get super long! So if you find that you are going to stack too may topics on one page, consider making other pages to address those other topics.

Then you would add on to the Order Info and have sub-pages under that for Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Returns/Exchanges to create 3 other pages.

For Contact Us, maybe you want to include sub-pages for your social media feeds or maybe you want to create a sub-page with FAQ’s?

Choices and options for what you decide to include on your site are endless. Use this simple mapping chart to help you organize your thoughts and to make sure that you will be including everything that you need to on your site. Use it as your starting point roadmap that will guide you to a fully finished website!

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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