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Kalaty Rug Corp
Discover the Kalaty Difference
Senior Sales Analyst, Gabriel Kalaty, provided us with the answers to our questions.

Q: Tell Us About Your Business

Kalaty Rug Corporation is a family business that for generations aims to set “the gold standard for area rugs.” The business dates back to early 20th century Iran, where the Kalaty family began producing and selling area rugs to various parts of the region. In 1979 the company was founded in the United States by my late grandfather. Since then, under his superb leadership, as well as the dominant governance of his five sons, the company continues to be highly respected throughout the industry, with our brand synonymous with unparalleled excellence and reliability. Kalaty is still proudly a family run operation and remains diligent in building upon the fundamental values that were originally set forth by our ancestors.

Q: What Makes Your Rugs the “gold standard”?

Anybody familiar with our company sees “The Kalaty Difference.” The unique ability of our skilled artisans to combine design and color in both subtle and distinct fashion gives our customers every reason to keep coming back. For each of our collections, our design team meticulously sifts through endless samples to find the select few that represent the perfect tonality and vibe we want to portray for that particular collection. We also offer our customers the ability to customize the color, shape, and size in all of our extensive rug collections.

Combine that with our unrivalled white-glove customer service, same-day shipping, and ultra-competitive pricing to truly understand what sets us apart. But most importantly, and what I think matters most to us and our customers, is our integrity. Ever since our very beginning we constantly strive to incorporate honesty and sincerity in everything we do. As a result, we believe, that is the essence of what creates loyal unwavering customers and that is something we will continue to strive to embody every single day.

Q: Give us a little more information about your area rugs.

We offer a wide range of superior-quality hand-knotted, handcrafted and power-loomed rugs in a myriad of colors, styles, designs, patterns, weaves, constructions, textures, shapes, and sizes. We carry every type of style, from contemporary designs with modernized touches to simple transitional patterns to Southwestern & tribal to classic traditional motifs. The materials we employ are top quality and include 100% premium wool, natural silk, viscose, acrylic, and many more. Using precise combinations of construction and material, we tailor each collection in ways we see fit. Whether your décor taste is traditional, modern, or anywhere in between, our products are guaranteed to add that wow-factor to every room.

Q: What do you think are the advantages of selling your types of products online?

The ability to reach such a vast audience, in my opinion, is the biggest advantage of selling online. Dropshipping in particular gives us access to these audiences while at the same time saves us the costs associated with e-commerce, such as marketing and website overhead. As a significant portion of the industry evolves steadily to e-commerce, it appeared to be a necessary step for us to capitalize by selling exclusive collections designated to online retailers. That area of our business has been growing tremendously ever since and we are grateful to see so many online retailers interested in carrying our products.

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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  1. Lifetime member. Had website. Got destroyed. Paid over 5000 for it. Gun shy. Listened to full 11 part video series. Would like to start again. Beautiful account of supplier interview on handmade rugs

  2. Hi Teresa, would be very understandable to be a little scared to start again. But you you learn from your failures and you know which mistakes NOT to make again.

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