Real Wholesale Products from Real Wholesale Suppliers is a must for any online store owner. Do you want to sell products online to make extra income?  Are you struggling to find wholesale products and suppliers who will sell to an online store owner?  Or you are not sure what you want to sell and so you want to see what is available?

That’s why the team at has developed the Worldwide Brands Directory of Dropshippers and Wholesalers. Created specifically with online retailers in mind. 

Drop Shipping Suppliers
Real Wholesale Products and Prices

Suppliers that dropship is the bread and butter for Worldwide Brands. We initially started as The Drop Ship Source Directory and focused solely on finding and verifying dropshippers for legitimacy.

The Worldwide Brands Directory lists thousands of REAL Dropshipping Suppliers ready to work with online business owners.

Worldwide Brands Directory Member Bonus: We have over 20 years experience, we have seen it all! Be assured that all dropshipping suppliers in the Directory are real, and are either the manufacturer or factory authorize distributors of those products! We CERTIFY that!

Light Bulk Wholesale Products

Like we said, we have been around for over 20 years now and have seen the industry from infancy all the way to what it is now. We have seen that on many platforms and certain products have outgrown dropshipping and you simply cannot compete.

That’s why we added Light Bulk Wholesale Suppliers. These suppliers have minimum orders that are under $500.00. This allows the small online store owner to purchase minimum amounts, without breaking the bank!

Worldwide Brands Directory Member Bonus: Find suppliers that typically have minimums OVER $500 in the light bulk section! It’s because we convinced them to LOWER their minimum for our members only! 

Large Volume Wholesalers

We have also found over the years that we have members that are really looking for even more! So we added the Large Volume section. If you have a lot of money to spend, then spend time in this section.

Be assured that these Large Volume Suppliers will ALL work with online store owners!  But their minimums are HIGH!


Liquidations are another part of selling products online. Getting pallet or box loads of store returns, overstocks and over manufactured products is a great way to sell products cheaply on platforms like eBay. So of course we have to add this type of product sourcing into the Directory. 

worldwide brands directory screenshot showing wholesale products
The Worldwide Brands Directory is Saving You Time

Time wasting for new online retailers includes:

  • Keying and emailing your company information to multiple wholesalers to request the opening of an account with those wholesalers.   The My Account section of the tool allows you to update the information once and then send an accurate, up-to-date information request in the form an of Online Account Setup Form to as many wholesalers as you need.
  • Looking for specific wholesale products you don’t find listed?  With, you don’t have to do the work.  Just contact the Research Department using the Can’t Find it Section on the right, tell us what product/s you need to find and we will do the research work for you and find the right wholesale supplier for you.
  • Identifying what’s new.  The home page of the Directory always Shows Only Last 30 Suppliers Added to the Directory. So if you have been a member for some time, you can pop in every week or two and just focus on what was recently added.

Time is of the essence when you start to develop your own online retail business.  Product Sourcing is an ongoing requirement to keep your business fresh and alive, and growing. It’s important that you have an organized and swift method of getting wholesale products information and being able to recall quickly it any time you need it.

Plus the knowledge of knowing that you are always getting new suppliers… and all those suppliers are REAL and LEGITIMATE and has the greater likelihood of saying YES is a game changer!

Check out the Worldwide Brands Directory Here.

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

8 thoughts on “Struggling to Find Wholesale Products You Want to Sell?”
  1. Another factor to consider would be software. There are Shopping carts that will allow for direct integrations with wholesale suppliers and the like. This article was very helpful though.

  2. What happens if I don’t find the technology product (hardware and software) that I have experience in selling?

  3. Hi Franco, always start with the manufacturer. Contact them and ask if they work with dealers directly or if they have any authorized distributors for your region. Then contact those distributors for their terms.

  4. hello
    my name is shan from wall carry company i am interested in opening a wholesale account with you if doesn’t work with other retailer are there any authorized distributors i can purchase from ?
    thank you
    from wall carry

  5. Hi Shan,

    Worldwide Brands is not a wholesale supplier, not a middleman nor a marketplace to purchase wholesale products. We provide a Directory of Wholesale Suppliers & Dropshippers.

    So what we do is contact hundreds of suppliers every day to find out if they work with online retailers. We take the ones that say yes, through a verification process. Once they are verified, we then list them in our Directory for our members to find.

    Our members search the Directory to find suppliers they want to work with, and directly contact them to establish dealer/wholesale accounts.

    Since we only list genuine wholesale suppliers, you must be a genuine retail business yourself. So you need to have a registered business name and a tax ID to work with them.

    We do not know which of the suppliers our members even work with. We do not get in that process. You own the relationship with the supplier, and since we aren’t a middleman, and you work with the supplier directly you get the best wholesale prices.

    Please see the video here; for a guided walkthrough on how the Directory works and what we provide.

    The Directory membership is a one time fee for lifetime access. 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Currently on discount. Click the ORDER NOW button while on our site for details or you can go here;

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