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Since 1999 we have been finding the absolute BEST Wholesalers for online sellers to work with. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our Directory and of course we feel like our Directory is the best...but what do other people think?

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Member Success Stories & Reviews

Page H.
Member Since 2014

"Since joining world wide brands I've learned so much quality and accurate information that will help me move along slow and steady on my business. No BS here just real straight forward great information. If you're willing to put in the work world. Wide brands is a great partner and mentor. "

Osprey, FL
Ken H.
Member Since 2013

"Just wanted to let you know I was able to setup everything and been listening/watching to Chris and Rob in the training videos. [The Whole$ale]

I'm impressed, I have been in brick-n-mortar for 25 years in service sales/selling and have a couple of online businesses started, which are in need for product additions, I love the video training ...Read More

Melissa A.
Member Since 2012

"I have been busy implementing the MULITIUDE of helpful suggestions that I have been given from your company in my new business every possible second that I could spare.

When I first purchased a membership back in January 2012, I immediately felt that I had gotten my money's worth. But I continue to be BLOWN AWAY by the amount of Information...Read More

Cecil C.
Member Since 2011

"Thank you for all the effort and time you spent on putting something like this together and giving people hope out there."

Las Vegas, NV

Revonda L.
Member Since 2008

"Just want to say, I among others do totally appreciate the absolute "beyond" customer service that you guys give. We may not always express it but we don't take it for granted either. Your company is the type that all others should strive for! Thanks bunches."

Pembroke, NC

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