Here at, we are all about working directly with the suppliers. Many new retailers don’t understand why this is so beneficial! This article will explain why it’s important to do that as well as give you some tips on how to have a good wholesale supplier relationship.

When you have a great direct relationship with your supplier, you become privileged to receive some extra special care. Better prices, good terms, potential buybacks and better communication. So it is definitely worth your time to get to know your suppliers.

If you are working with a middleman, you aren’t going to get these benefits.

Why Your Supplier Relationship is Important

Your suppliers are the life blood of your online retail store or listings on third party sites. If they weren’t there to supply products or dropship products for you in a reasonable time frame, then you wouldn’t have a business! Simple as that!

So how to get that good relationship? Here are some tips….

a good wholesale supplier relationship will open doors!

1. Become Friends
Everyone wants to enjoy what they are doing and who they work with. Your wholesale suppliers, vendors and service providers are no exception. You have to work with these people quite often to ensure that everything is working properly. So don’t be rude, open up a little and listen. You could end up with a long lasting fantastic friendship, and everyone knows that a good friend will do extra things for their friend. So with a good starting and lasting relationship with your supplier will mean faster response times and maybe even give you access to things that no other retailer gets.

2. Pay Attention to the Supplier’s Requests
If the supplier wants you to order from them, or contact them and pay them in certain ways… comply with that! It’s that simple. If they want you to order through their wholesale portal, you should do that. If they want you to email the orders, then that’s how you submit the orders. Going against what they want, will throw a wrench in their process, and cause delays for everyone involved. So pay attention.

paying your invoices on time will ensure a good wholesale supplier relationship

3. Pay on Time
Not paying your bills on time is always careless, but when it comes to your supplier, they may rethink about working with you. If you don’t pay on time, or your payments decline often, the supplier can drop your reseller account at any moment. They reserve the right to do that. So pay on time, and don’t get into any type of mess that might involve account closure or collections.

4. You’re Not the Only One
Most Wholesale Suppliers have many retailers selling products for them. So keep in mind that you aren’t the only one who works with them. It may take a little longer to get a reply or they will be out of stock of certain items because one of their bigger retailers keeps purchasing them all! Patience is necessary when working with others.

5. Don’t Play the Blame Game
Like with every business, there will always be problems. Everyone makes mistakes, that is human nature. Blaming and complaining will not get you anywhere fast nor help the situation. Instead, work with them to try to find a solution.

Example of How to Have a Good Wholesale Supplier Relationship

Let’s say that Lydia came to your site and purchased a welcome mat for her front door. You work with a dropshipper and so you immediately place your order for that welcome mat with your supplier so they will send it out the next day to Lydia. But OOPS! The supplier is telling you that this particular welcome mat is out of stock. Oh no!! Your customer is waiting for that product!

you can't have a good wholesale supplier relationship if you are always playing the blame game

Now, don’t immediately throw blame at the supplier and get into an argument with them. For one, it’s not worth it, and for two, who’s fault is it really? Just know that it’s going to be OK! It’s really easy to rectify this situation!

Good Customer Service Skills Are Important Too!

First, ask your supplier when they will get more in stock. Then contact your customer, and explain that unfortunately you are out of stock on this particular item, but you will have access to more in 2 weeks (or whatever your supplier told you). Then see if the customer would like to wait and you will expedite the shipping at no extra cost.

It’s also recommended to suggest replacement items that are very similar. If the customer wants to wait, then contact your supplier and tell them that your customer would like to wait for them to get that first product back in stock and request that they expedite the shipping to this customer and you will pay the extra cost. If the customer wants the replacement, then you know what to do. Order that replacement and get the ball rolling!

Being professional and friendly about the situation will make a mark on the supplier (as well as your customer). In the future, they will remember how you treat them.

So remember this for yourself! You get what you give for your wholesale supplier relationship. So always be professional and courteous.

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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  1. Thank you for the tips! this will surely benefit to people who are really looking for a good suppliers. It is right that when you have your good relationship with the supplier they will give you care and you will become important for them.

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