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Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry and Watches to Sell Online

Looking to sell jewelry and watches online? Whether you are looking for gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, costume jewelry, women's or men's watches and more you can find wholesale jewelry and wholesale watch suppliers in the Wholesale and Dropshipping Directory.

The Jewelry and Watches category is a difficult area, because there is already an oversaturation of these products. Practically every city and town has a jewelry store and of course jewelry and watches can be found in department stores to dollar stores. Also, don't expect to get large brand names of jewelry and watches. In an effort to combat knockoffs, they restrict their resellers. But, jewelry and watches can be add-on items for niche stores.

Selling jewelry or watches online profitably is just a matter of doing your homework - finding the right niche, the right wholesale suppliers, and the right prices. Any online retailer who takes the time to do their research can be very successful in this area if you use this category for add-ons.
Find Your Wholesale Jewelry and Watches Product Niche
Just like any other product category, it's best to center your online store around a niche. This includes wholesale jewelry and watches. It's imperative that you find an area to specialize in. You don't need to be an expert to resell these types of products online, but your site needs to be knowledgeable for your niche.

Since we recommend jewelry and watches as an add-on or upsells in your niche store, this following example will reflect that. Say you have an online store selling hummingbird feeders. The customers obviously love hummingbirds enough to keep filling up feeders constantly for them, or perhaps you have found some unique birdfeeders that people are literally flocking to your site to purchase. You can consider offering hummingbird jewelry as add on gifts or even bundle items together to offer "gift packages" on Mother's Day or Christmas by packaging a gift set of a feeder and a necklace for that perfect gift.

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