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Wholesale Electronics to Sell Online

Ahh, wholesale electronics. Just like other humans, we have a love/hate relationship with electronics. You hate having them around & how much it costs to maintain them and deck them out, but at the same time, you don't know what you would do without them. Wholesale electronics is another misleading product category to earn good profits with. You would think products with such a high retail price, would earn you a lot of profit. But that's simply not true.

When is the last time you went into a Best Buy to purchase a digital camera or some new headphones? When you purchased, did the salesperson also ask.. do you have everything you need? Any cables? How about a new case to protect it? We have other great accessories for your new gear. Finally they ask, do you want to add a warranty on that?

Best Buy doesn't make a lot of profit selling the electronics themselves, they make their profit with the ACCESSORIES and the WARRANTIES, so they are always looking to upsell you. The profit potential on the accessories is so much larger than the main product themselves. Yes, those big name brands bring in the customers, but when you are selling accessories, you can also capitalize on those brand names.
Wholesale and Dropshipping Electronics Restrictions
Wholesale name brand consumer electronics often come along with a lot of seller restrictions. Just like big name brand clothing, shoes and accessories, consumer electronics brand manufacturers are extremely picky about who resells their products. Let's take a very popular brand name as an example; Apple

First, Apple isn't looking for any more retailers at this time, but when they do, here are a few of their requirements to be a legal reseller of their products;
  1. Have at least 3 references related to Apple products
  2. Must qualify for a huge credit line
  3. Must be in business for at least 2 years
  4. Must purchase $100,000 a year minimum to maintain your reseller account
Apple isn't the only company with these types of restrictions. Many large name brand electronic suppliers do not allow online sales from just anyone. You must have a track record, and you must meet their large minimum order requirements. Some other examples that are very strict; Nintendo, Sony Playstation & Microsoft Xbox. Products that are in such high demand, are typically made that way by the brand owners to keep the retail prices up, and limit retail competition.
Find Your Wholesale Electronics Accessories Product Niche
Since the main electronic product is hard to get and you don't make much profit, we recommend selling the accessories for better profits and more options. For example, instead of trying to sell phones you can't get, try dropshipping phone cases. It's imperative that you find an area to specialize in. You don't need to be an expert or a user to resell electronic accessories products online, but your site needs to be knowledgeable for your niche.

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