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Wholesale Business & Industrial Products to Sell Online

Want to sell business supplies and industrial supplies on eBay, Amazon or your own website? For this specialized market, we recommend building a website. Even though, you can very well try to sell these products on a third party platform, this B2B selling will take some extra finesse.

When selling to brick and mortar store locations or even industrial supply manufacturers, you have to understand what their needs are, and the best way to do that, is to hit the streets and start heading into local stores. We are not talking about walking into your local Walmart, you would be hitting up all the Independent Retailers out there, (Mom and Pop shops) that show up in every city and almost every town across America and the World.
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If you start by canvassing the local independent retailers to understand their needs & to get to know them, then you will have a better starting strategy of what needs to be done. Once you are done with your research, find suppliers, and build a site, then you can go back to those retailers and point them to your online supply store & maybe eventually create a catalog. Be the point of contact for all their needs. It's important, and is a service that is missing in many small towns.

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