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"Back in 2005 my wife called me into the living room. She was watching an infomercial on TV and said that I needed to see it.
It was a show that was selling the "concept" of dropshipping on Ebay. Never before had I hear of such a concept, but immediately I saw the potential. The show spoke of the essentials of a dropship business which included the MOST important thing..."sourcing" This person was basically selling the idea, and providing his own source for products. He had a warehouse full of thousands of items that he would "wholesale" to you and dropship for your "Ebay" business. In short thus began the spark.
I ordered the system, however I was impatient and immediately began my own study of the "concept" of dropshipping. Almost immediately I started to realize that I was finding a "better" understanding of dropshipping than I was presented on TV.
Soon I found Worldwide Brands. With the help of this site I learned enough to find my first suppliers and eventually began to find my own. The main thing is that it ALL began to come together in my mind with the schooling I started HERE. So thanks again for the training. I KNOW for a fact that ANYONE can begin a business today, and put it online and make money...almost immediately. You only need a mentor to point the way, and the information and resources here can be that Mentor for YOU.

silverton, OR