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5 Reasons Why a Niche Store Should be Considered

5 Reasons Why a Niche Store Should be Considered

Author: Tisha Hedges
Last updated 11/12/2018

Niche websites are a great way to sell online & what we highly recommend! A niche website is a site where you sell one type of product. For example, a site dedicated only to coffee grinders or a site only for drink coasters. I'm not talking about a site with only one coffee grinder or one set of coasters! A niche site will have many different options for coffee grinders or drink coasters.

These simplistic product sites have many benefits;

1. Advertising
When you try to have a website full of many different products (such as a general store or discount store) you will have to advertise for all of your products. This can get VERY expensive and time consuming! Wouldn't you rather advertise for only a few things versus several hundred & focus your ad spending budget?

2. Authority
Authority of a website is very important to the search engines. Authority shows the search engines that your site knows what it is talking about. Gearing all of your advertising and site content towards one type of product will show the search engines your knowledge and authority on those products, which will in turn naturally rank you higher.

3. SEO & Marketing
This is similar to the first two points. For good SEO, make sure to choose your keywords carefully. Only having one type of product to concentrate on, keeps your keyword amount low, and you are able to work harder on these particular keywords to get them ranked versus trying to get hundreds of keywords ranked.

4. Multiple Sites and Selling Channels
Niche websites allow you to create and manage multiple websites a lot easier. You can get one niche website completed, including SEO & Marketing, and then start working on another niche site. This will allow you test different platforms and selling channels as well. See which works best for you!

5. Qualified Leads
When people are searching the internet for a particular product to buy, they will be specific in their search terms. A well laid out, clean looking niche store, with good SEO & Marketing, will bring your store up higher in the search engines and give customers what they are looking for, the product they searched for plus options they may never have considered!