Worldwide Brands Weekly: Week of May 16th, 2011

May 21st, 2011

worldwide brands weekly dropshippingThis week we covered a few topics involved with the actual operation, maintenance, and overall customer experience you create with your retail store online.

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5 Reasons You Need Dropship Wholesalers

Running a business today involves a lot of risk — especially as a retailer. Brick and mortar retailers don’t have the luxury of drop shipping, so they’re stuck with having to purchase all the products they want to sell upfront … who knows if the product will sell or not? The risk involved can break a business fairly quickly, so it’s important to approach your model with as little risk as possible. This post provides a quick look at a few reasons why drop shipping with wholesalers can help lower this risk and make it easier for online retailers to find success.

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Drop Shipping and Social Communication

Social media has long been a buzz word in the business world, but it’s no longer something up for debate or consideration — it’s a must.

Social interaction is one of the best ways to find and connect with people, support existing customers, and build your brand. How available you make yourself for support during the overall process — especially the drop shipping process — is important to customers, so be sure you consider the options in terms of which networks work for you.

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How to Win Customers With Your Business

The competition is tough … you have to win your customers over if you hope to succeed. The way you do this is up to you, but providing an exceptional customer experience, excellent products and an organized store online will help. In addition, you should consider providing the best possible customer service up to the point of sale as opposed to customer service after the sale alone. This will persuade people to buy from you because you’re making yourself available.

Customer service is more important than ever before … and it’s what will help you win over customers from your competitors.

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How to Clean Your Retail Store Online

There isn’t much talk or emphasis on the importance of cleaning and maintaining your store online, but if we can learn anything from our brick and mortar friends, it’s that a clean retail store and customer experience is key to increasing sales. No one wants to shop in a messy store; likewise, no one wants to have to work to navigate a messy website.

In addition to creating a smooth customer experience with your retail store online, consider visiting and revisiting other parts of your overall website and make tweaks where necessary.

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The Single Most Common Reason Why Online Retailers Fail

There are a lot that goes into finding success as a retailer online, but it seems the majority tend to forget about one major aspect of doing business in general. Drop shipping makes things a lot easier for retailers online, however, it doesn’t completely eliminate the need to actually work. While it sounds nice to relax in a pool as your dropship wholesaler sends out your orders, you could be connecting with future customers, talking with existing customers, and establishing your brand and reach online by staying active.

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5 Reasons You Need Dropship Wholesalers

May 20th, 2011
dropship wholesalers

Do you have a dropship wholesaler?

Between the internet and dropship wholesalers, business owners and retailers online are in a very good place in terms of running their business and keeping costs down.

While it does take time to establish a brand and gain speed with the community as a serious professional and bran, the end result and lifestyle retailers online live can be both surprising and inspiring to those interested.

That said, it’s also necessary to stress that retailing online is not a means of quick cash … the internet is not an ATM. People that work toward establishing their online retail store work for years before reaching their goals … often without a single sale during that time.

A few reasons why so many retailers seek out dropship wholesalers includes the following:

1. Reduce Product Overhead

While brick and mortar businesses are forced to make the initial investment of purchasing the product in order to stock their shelves, the online retailer can leap-frog that step and eliminate the product overhead and risk of not selling the product entirely.

2. Eliminate Loss of Investment

Because online retailers don’t need to make the risk of purchasing products customers don’t want, you can literarly eliminate the loss of your investment as well. This keeps your budget healthy, which in turn keeps your business strong. This is especially important during economic crisis and personal financial problems that may rise in the future.

3. Dropshipping Wholesalers Are Professionals

When it comes to shipping product all over the world, it may be quite a challenge for the novice online retailer. Why worry about messing up an order, not shipping product with enough protection, or losing your tracking information when you can leave it to the pros? Drop shipping wholesalers are experienced specialists that regularly ship products all over the world (depending on the drop shipping wholesaler).

4. Dropshipping Wholesalers Free You to Focus On Customers

When you work with a dropshipping professional, you’re free to focus on what matters the most — customer service and customer satisfaction. So instead of struggling to stay on top of everything involved with shipping products, you can focus on keeping your customer happy and getting to know them a little better. The value in the ability to know your customers is becoming more and more important as the market becomes increasingly saturated, because customers are looking for people and businesses they can trust, not just from which to buy products. The more you get to know your customer, the more likely you are to see more business from them in the future.

5. Stay Organized

The one downside to trying to everything yourself is it’s easy to slip up on things that need to be done. Shipping is no exception … and perhaps one of the most troublesome aspects of running a business online. It requires efficiency, professionalism, and skill.

Why risk slipping up when you could be achieving all of the mentioned points with a dropshipping wholesaler? Find a dropshipping wholesaler for your niche and continue forward with a healthier bottom line, more efficient process, and the ability to give your customers the attention they deserve in this overcrowded market.

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Drop Shipping and Social Communication

May 19th, 2011
drop shipping social communication

Use the Social Web to Stay Available

For those that have already launched a web-based business, the next challenge is finding customers. It doesn’t end there though … the process continues on, even after you find a customer and sell something to him or her.

Providing Customer Service

Though drop shipping makes the process of delivering products to customers easier than ever, it doesn’t eliminate the process altogether.

Customer service goes beyond helping people with sales. Excellent customer service leads up to the sale, and then continues beyond in order to assure the customer he or she made a sound choice to buy from you. This is where social communication comes in.

Follow the Customers!

The social web is often criticized as something businesses just do for fun — but the proof is in the pudding, and this pudding is being enjoyed by a lot of business owners and retailers online. Getting involved with the social web is now an important aspect of survival and success as a business owner, because not only does it help in terms of search engine optimization, it also enables business owners to find new customers, and help them with concerns no matter what point in the process they need help.

Make yourself available by getting involved with the social web. This might mean joining Facebook, Twitter, or starting a blog. The best thing to keep in mind is that you need to be where your customers are … that should you lead you to the appropriate social network and other communities.

Making yourself available will enable you to provide answers to those with questions, explain your products or service, pitch your brand to potential customers, invite people to check your content out (without spamming them!), and even drive traffic back to your website. For those that have already become your customers, you’ll find that you can provide them the support they need using these same social communities, which is where your customers feel most comfortable.

So even while your customer waits for you to drop ship their product to them, you can provide them additional support as opposed to disappearing.

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How to Win Customers With Your Business

May 18th, 2011

how to win customersDespite how easy it is to start a business online, run a retail store, and make money online, the internet is still a very highly competitive place. Unlike a local brick and mortar, you’re competing with all the other brands and businesses online, which can be based just about anywhere in the world.

In order to succeed, you need to build your profile as a professional in your niche of business and prove to customers that you’re the one they should be going to for their needs.

This is called winning over the customer … and it’s everything in terms of doing business online. With so many options online, consumers need your help to find the best retail store online. To do this, you need to focus on answering their questions throughout your content, create pages entirely dedicated to frequently asked questions, offer a contact form, and most importantly, be there and available for them when questions come up. You don’t need to be available by phone necessarily, but just as any retail store, you need to be available as much as possible. Remember, whenever someone asks you a question about a product, it gives you the chance to sell something. Your style depends on how you want to approach your sales and customers — it doesn’t have to be aggressive, yet it doesn’t have to be completely neutral and passive either. Provide the customer with the information and let them know how much it will benefit them to have it. For more on this, check out Every Product Page is a Sales Page.

3 Ways to Win Customers

Here are a few ways you can take this idea to the next level and actually practice with your own retail store online — with time, hard work, and even a little luck, you’ll be increasing your sales before you know it.

  1. Organize Your Website — this is where a lot of retailers go wrong. Without a proper website set up to the latest standards online, you’re going to find it more difficult to persuade people to check out your products and become your customers.
  2. Provide A Lot of Information — go beyond the manufacturer product description (it’s duplicate content anyway) and create content that provides a lot of information for the potential buyer. This is where you create your pitch and actually persuade the viewer to buy the product from you.
  3. Be Transparent and Upfront — Present yourself and your business upfront as much as possible. This has become a major selling point for those shopping online, because it adds a layer of trust.

Where to Win Customers

You can win customers just about everywhere, but perhaps the most common place includes right on your website — this is where most people fail, because they’re not providing what the customer demands upfront, which is excellent customer service and messy website design (read how to clean your retail store online).

Other places where you might be able to win over customers includes any social network in which you’re active, such as Facebook and Twitter, video sharing platforms, such as YouTube, and through your blog.

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How to Clean Your Retail Store Online

May 17th, 2011
cleaning a retail store online

Cleaning a retail store online

A retail store online isn’t all that different from a brick and mortar retail store — they both offer a collection of products, they both strive to provide an excellent customer experience, and they both need to be cleaned every now and then.

Just as you sweep and dust every aisle and every shelf of a brick and mortar, you need to straighten up your retail store online … not because customers are moving your product around, but because your product pages constantly need to be monitored for progress. If a particular product isn’t doing well, you need to take a look at what your options are in terms of bringing it up to par with your other pages.

Search Engines Optimization

Cleaning your retail store online usually comes down to a bit of the old search engine optimization. Because search engines are constantly changing and users are constantly changing the way in which they search for content, it’s crucial to consider search engines optimization at his point.

It doesn’t have to be much of a process if you have a professional optimization specialist at your side, but for those that don’t, the overall idea is to use the best practices (which change frequently) to get your product pages ranking better in the search engines index. Whether this means creating new content, improving your on-page link sculpting, focusing on the actual copywriting aspect of your pages, or a combination of a bit of everything is up to you and varies from project to project.

Creating New Content

Freshening up a page doesn’t have to be a major operation … adding some fresh content can go far when optimized for the right keyword. This works especially well for landing pages, which tend to focus on presenting a lot of optimized content.

In addition to focusing on the actual amount of content, you should focus on diversifying your content so the page is relevant and interesting. This might involve creating a list style article within your actual page, a few photos, info-graphics, and videos.

Link Sculpting

This technique involves reviewing every link on your website, no matter if it’s in the content body, the header, or the sidebar. The idea here is to optimize your links anchor text so it helps inform search engines your particular piece of content is relevant to the keyword you’re targeting.

Think of this like polishing your entire store — it takes time, but the end result will help create a better experience and maybe even attract new people to your retail store online.


Reviewing the actual copy of your page, headlines, and descriptions is an often overlooked segment of the retail store online to which you need to spend a lot of your attention. Because the copywriting involves the actual language people relate to and search for with search engines, the more relevant and universal your copy, the better your chances are of attracting customers through the search engines and persuading them to make a purchase or subscribe to your newsletter.

If one keyword isn’t working well, change it to something that looks like it might work well.

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The Single Most Common Reason Why Online Retailers Fail

May 16th, 2011

Why Online Retailers FailNo matter if you’re running a brick and mortar business or a business online, it’s going to take a lot of work on your part — no one is going to establish your brand, promote your products, and provide customer service for you … unless of course you’re paying to do so.

Small business owners work hard to make their dream a reality.

When running a retail business online, the story isn’t any different. It’s going to take work … and a lot of it. This is where a lot of people fall off the bandwagon, because they’re holding on to the idea that the internet is a cash machine. While it can seem like a cash machine from time to time (The domain recently sold for $700,000), it’s not average.

The single most common reason why online retailers fail is because they approach the activity with a mindset it will generate passive income.

Your Business Isn’t Going to Work for You

Though a business can eventually reach the point where the business owner can afford to step away and go on vacation or let the business coast through the week, the majority of businesses require a tremendous amount of work upfront in the beginning — especially if you’re planning on wearing multiple hats.

Yes, Drop Shipping Makes It Easy

One of the most advantageous perks drop shipping the products you sell is the fact that you don’t have to deal with the overhead a brick and mortar store pays. With no need to worry about storage for your inventory, keeping that inventory stocked, or products that don’t sell, business owners can focus on getting what matters … making sales.

Learn how drop shipping works!

Drop Shipping Doesn’t Replace Your Workload

Many business owners fall into the notion that drop shipping products enables them to spend their days on the beach as their business runs itself and the cash rolls in, which often leads to failure and upset.

The truth is, drop shipping makes it possible for people to jump into the e-commerce retail market and make money — good money — by forgoing the overhead and focusing their efforts on positioning they sell through their retail store online in front of consumers.

The internet is a very competitive place, so it’s important for business owners interested in e-commerce and drop shipping to understand that while it may be easy to ship products around the globe,  it takes hard work before you can ship.

Drop Shipping As A Tool

If you approach e-commerce with the understand that drop shipping is merely one aspect of the overall process of how you operate a business — a tool if you will — then you’ll be able to focus on the other parts of your business, including establishing your brand, marketing, and reaching out to customers with excellent customer service both before and after the purchase.



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Worldwide Brands Weekly

May 14th, 2011

Worldwide Brands WeeklyWelcome to the fist edition of the Worldwide Brands Weekly — this is a series of posts that will roll out on an ongoing weekly basis and review the content published throughout the week.

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Every Product Page Is A Sales Page

If you’re like most retailers online, you might be missing out on sales due to your product pages. While it’s crucial a product page provides the information about the product, it also needs to provide the sales pitch … the reason why the customer needs the product.

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Caution: Product Descriptions from Manufacturers Are All Triplicate Content!

One of the most common mistakes online retailers make with their stores has to do with the product descriptions … more specifically, the way they re-purpose the manufacturer’s product description as their own. In terms of search engine optimization and content development, this is called duplicate content … except it’s worse. Product descriptions are plastered across the web in hundreds — maybe even thousands — of places, create a huge red flag for search engines.

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Provide Excellent Customer Service Before the Purchase

Business owners with brick and mortar establishments understand how important it is to provide excellent customer service not only after the purchase, but also before the purchase. This provides the customer the comfort and insight he or she requires before making a purchase from a store. This is especially true online due to the competitive market and trustworthy brands out there with unlimited advertising budgets. In order to compete and claim customers, you need to respect the customer and work hard to win them over.

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Friday the 13th … And What It Means for Your Business

It’s important to think about upcoming holidays and other recognized days when marketing your business, because you can make just about anything into an event. Friday the 13th is a simple example of a day we recognize as a community, and so it’s up to you to attach your brand to the day with a special promotion or offer your community op customers will find compelling.

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Friday the 13th … And What It Means for Your Business

May 13th, 2011

Marketing OpportunityFor a lot of people, Friday the 13th represents a day of bad luck. As a business owner, however, it represents something completely different … opportunity.

Friday the 13th is an opportunity to reach out to prospective customers and do special in light of the date. Whether that means running a special promotion for that day only or even reminding people to enjoy their Friday the 13th is up to you, but if you let it go by you’re missing out on the opportunity to communicate with potential customers.

Today is just one example though, there are plenty of special dates just like Friday the 13th that bring us together — whether it’s in light of superstition or a national holiday, we unite on certain days with a type of universal understanding. Getting your brand involved with that unity might mean the difference between selling product and not selling product for certain customers, so it’s crucial for business owners to reach out to their community of potential customers every opportunity they get.

Consider keeping a calendar that gives you advanced notice of upcoming holidays or special days, such as Friday the 13th. Paying close attention to what’s on the horizon will give you a chance to prepare a sale, newsletter, or blog content directly related to that date.

Are you doing anything special for your potential customers today? How about in the near future?

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Provide Excellent Customer Service Before the Purchase

May 12th, 2011

customer serviceThe single most common reason why people bounce from an online retailer’s website is due to the lack of connection and customer service the retailer provides the customer before he or she makes a purchase.

It’s easy to promise the world in terms of customer service after the purchase (24 hour support, free shipping, professional assistance, returns), but customers demand customer service before they make a purchase … in fact, it’s what often leads to the purchase more than anything else.

Brick and mortar businesses understand this, and strive to provide the best customer service possible. From the moment the customer enters the store to the moment he or she leaves, the business associates are ready to help them with any questions or needs. This is how businesses win over customers, gain loyalty, and receive positive reviews about their brand — they work hard to earn the sale.

You Have to Earn the Sale

As an online retailer, you’re running your business in one of the most saturated areas in the world … the internet. It’s like operating a business in a busy mall, however, you don’t have the benefit of collective traffic.

Just as a brick and mortar business strives to provide that customer service that leads to the purchase, you need to focus on earning the sale with your own customer service. To provide a great customer experience for prospective buyers, think about the information you’re providing them on the product pages — it should be original, it should teach them about the product, and it should sell them on the product. The last thing you want to do is paste the manufacturer content onto the page and call it a day — manufacturer product descriptions are harmful to your business.

Remember, people demand exceptional customer service before they buy something from a business — it’s your job to go out of your way to deliver that customer service and earn the sale. The mom and pop shops of yesteryear paved the way in terms of excellent customer service — always remembering their customers’ names, their orders, how they like their coffee, what the like on their sandwich, what type of bread they enjoy … you need to provide customer service both before and after the sale if you hope to succeed as an online retailer.

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Caution: Product Descriptions from Manufacturers Are All Triplicate Content!

May 11th, 2011

As the web becomes more and more competitive for business owners operating online, search engine optimization, social marketing and solid customer service are just a few things many business owners are focusing on in effort to cut through the competition and connect with the community of consumers.

Duplicate Content

One thing you can’t miss when researching search engines optimization is “duplicate content” — a term that defines content that has been published in more than one place online. While it may seem like a smart strategy for extending your reach and getting your articles the most exposure possible, search engines frown upon this activity and even penalize publishers that take part in it.

The reason publishers are penalized for duplicate content is because it adds no additional value to the overall web, so search engines try to keep it out of their index as much as possible.

Triplicate Content

Though duplicate content covers the idea of publishing a piece of content, whether an article, review, or product description, triplicate content is just an expression for any piece of content that’s been published in literally hundreds of places online.

Product descriptions are some of the most popular piece of triplicate content, because most retailers online, bloggers, review websites, and other content publishers often fall into republishing what the manufacturer provided about the product instead of re-writing the content.

In turn, this ruins your chance of ranking for anything related to that piece of content — title, description, meta … it all gets thrown out by search engines once their algorithm concludes your content isn’t original.

Original Content – Why You Should Write Your Own Product Descriptions

Original content is perhaps one of the most important things a website can have — search engines love it because it adds value to the web, and so they want to feature it prominently in their index for their users.

The key to stepping up to the next level and cutting through the competition in your niche is to take the product descriptions from the manufacturers and rewrite them completely. In fact, you should probably aim to write more than what the manufacture provided, because the more original content you have the better. By presenting a few paragraphs for a product page, as opposed to the few sentences the manufacturer provided, search engines will see that you’re providing more value than your competition, and thus your position in their index will move upward.

In addition, this type of content creation will attract more organic links from other publishers because they’ll want to share your content with their friends or following rather than the majority of other sources, which make use of the triplicate content from manufacturers.

Bottom line: the only thing you should be doing with the manufacturer’s product description is using it to create your own original content. That way you have the specifications and features the product offers, yet you also have unique content published exclusively on your website.

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