Even with the holidays and events going on, we are still going strong adding new wholesalers and dropshippers for our members to the Worldwide Brands Wholesaler Directory!

Did you know that we base the majority of our research on what our members are asking for? That’s right! In the Directory, there is a product request section that our members use when they need help finding something. We will either give them searching tips to find that product already found in the Directory, or go out and FIND WHOLESALERS that will work with them as an online only retailer.

Every supplier we list goes through an extensive check to ensure that they are who they say they are and that they are not a middleman, scam or fraud disguised as a real wholesaler.

Wholesalers Added in November

So what did we add to the Directory last month in November? We added suppliers that, all together, offer a SKU count of over 27,000 products!

The Newly Added Drop shippers and Wholesalers Offer:

Wholesale Bodysuits
Dropship Cast Iron Bottle Openers
Wholesale Exotic Dance Dresses
Large Volume Leather Apparel
Wholesale Sports Drinks
Dropship Embossed Bottle Openers
Wholesale Educational Building Kits
Dropship Craft Supplies
Wholesale Thermal Base Layers
Dropship Cardmaking Kits
Wholesale Craft Supplies

Dropship Scrapbooking Paper
Wholesale Newborn Pet Feeding Systems
Dropship Adult Toys
Wholesale Women’s Shoes
Dropship Furniture Paint
Wholesale Vitamin Gummies
Large Volume Foods
Wholesale STEM Toys
Dropship Adult Novelty Items
Wholesale Winter Apparel
Dropship Cabinet Paint

and… 😃
Wholesale Puppy Nursing Systems
Dropship Mobile Hotspots
Wholesale Fashion Boots
Dropship Tracking Devices
Wholesale Gummy Supplements
Dropship Wifi Routers
Wholesale Booty Shorts
…and more!

If you are a member, Login today, to check out the newest additions.
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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

2 thoughts on “November 2023: Dropshippers & Wholesalers Added”
  1. We just started an e-commerce business, what we need a direction board connecting us to the drop shippers world over, an api connection for my web developer and the financials. Drop Shipping is the way to go without caring inventory. Please provide step by step on how to develop those relationships.

    We’re planning to go live in January 2024 / Landing page will be featured at xxx

    Please respond accordingly, thank you!

  2. Hello Mark Wayne, Thank you for your comment!

    We provide a Directory of Wholesale Suppliers & Dropshippers that lists over 8000 suppliers that represent more than 16 million product types.

    We are not wholesale suppliers, not a distributor, not a manufacturer and not a middleman nor do we provide a marketplace to purchase wholesale products. It’s an online Directory of Suppliers.

    So what we do is contact hundreds of suppliers every day to find out if they work with online retailers. We take the ones that say yes, through a verification process. Once they are verified, we then list them in our Directory for our members to find.

    Our members search the Directory to find suppliers they want to work with, and directly contact them to establish dealer/wholesale accounts and to get wholesale pricing.

    Since we only list genuine wholesale suppliers, you must be a genuine retail business yourself. So you need to have a registered business name and a tax ID to work with them.

    We do not know which of the suppliers our members even work with. We do not get in that process. You own the relationship with the supplier, and since we aren’t a middleman, and you work with the supplier directly you get the best wholesale prices.

    Please see the video here; https://www.worldwidebrands.com/wholesale-directory/ for a guided walkthrough on how the Directory works and what we provide.

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