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We dislike saying.. You Can’t Get that Brand Wholesale! But it happens all the time. We get product requests from our members every day and we LOVE to see them. But something we do not love to see are requests for the same things over and over.

These product requests are simply things that you won’t find in the Directory and probably never! We have already contacted these companies multiple times and continue to monitor them and they still say NO.
But WHY?

Many companies require their retailers to purchase and hold inventory and even others already have all the retailers they want or need. So when you dream of selling things like the latest Nike shoes or Kate Spade handbags online, think again.

Here are some things we hear from brands when we reach out to them about online retail….

We have reached our eCommerce limit and are not looking to add any additional retailers.

“No dropshipping! You have to have a brick and mortar store first and we then allow you to also sell whatever inventory you purchase online.”

“WE sell online.”

“Only brick and mortar sales.”

Stop fantasizing about only offering top brands online. Because it’s not going to happen as a small online retailer. Once you get your head out of the clouds, take a step back and reassess your online strategy. You should be working on your market research and find the best things for you to sell and stop being a sleeper in dreamland.

Major brands are not the only products that sell online. When is the last time you shopped on Amazon and you just had to have a certain brand? It’s not often for me, I usually go there with one brand in mind, and choose another (and often times it’s a completely unknown brand to me) by the time I’m done shopping.

One of the best strategies for choosing products is to first answer these questions…
1. What demographic do you want to target?
2. What is a need or a problem that you can address for that group?

Let me help you out. Let’s say that you want to target Moms in their 30s with toddlers. They are struggling for some “me time” and self care time. What products can you offer to this group to help them with de-stressing?

Now, if you are a member of Login and start looking for relaxation, stress reducing products that you can sell to this group and see what kind of competition you have in your selling space.

Think about these things for a while and choose other demographics and problem areas to find what most inspires you as well. It may be a problem that YOU face and that makes it even more personal for your audience!

Now GO!

instantly find wholesalers and dropshippers for mainstream products, unique niches

By the way, you can also check the Wholesale Products pages on our site and look into different categories of products. We post some helpful tips about brand wholesale and ideas on these pages! Find your category here:

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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