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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - June 26, 2005 - The Entrepreneur eBiz Radio Show will be broadcasting live this Saturday, June 25th, from the floor of eBay Live in San Jose, California. Robin Cowie and Chris Malta the co hosts of the show will interview attendees and exhibitors live for an up-close look at the most important place to be if you are an Internet Entrepreneur.

For nearly 30 years, millions of successful business owners have trusted Entrepreneur Magazine to provide them with factual, real-life information to start and grow their new and existing businesses. These business owners have expanded explosively onto the Internet over the past decade. Entrepreneur Magazine has been right there with them, providing accurate, intelligent information day after day. The Entrepreneur Magazine E-Biz Show is the radio voice of Entrepreneur Magazine for those who want to start and run a Home-based ECommerce business successfully!

Chris Malta - is the CEO of his own ecommerce start up and the lead host of the show. He is also a contributing editor to the eBay Radio Show hosted by Jim Griffith. He started his company to provide product sourcing solutions for online entrepreneurs over 5 years ago. Cowie, his co host, joined Worldwide Brands as a partner two years ago. Cowie's interest in ecommerce and his strength as an online marketer for websites such as and made him the perfect marketing partner. Worldwide Brands offers 3 different databases of products people can sell on line as well as hundreds of pages of free searchable information on product sourcing.

The radio show is broadcast live every Monday morning at 12:00 noon EST. It is archived and all the past shows can be heard online. They are also transcribed and available in an rss feed and as text. The show recently introduced the ability to download the show as a pod cast as well. All of the content can be searched thru Worldwide Brands free searchable knowledge base on the site at provides information on over 3,000,000 products from over 4000 brand names that can be sold or auctioned online. A free preview of the products is available on the website.
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