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Selling Products on eBay
Selling on eBay is a great opportunity for any home based business, but making any kind of steady income on eBay is quite difficult. Out of the millions of people selling products on eBay, less than half of them actually make a living selling solely on eBay.

What separates this group from the recreational eBay sellers? The difference is that this small percentage of eBay sellers have developed profitable selling strategies to harness the power of eBay.
Four Profitable eBay Selling Strategies
  1. Do your Product Sourcing in the Right Order
    The biggest question that new online sellers have is, "What should I sell?" Don't begin your research for products to sell by looking for products first and then look for suppliers. You could waste a lot of time concentrating on a product line that you don't have a supplier for and time equals money!
  2. Put your Research Results into Practice
    Many new eBay sellers agonize over taking action for endless weeks, months and years. If you have done your research properly by finding a supplier and a promising niche, then take that next step and start selling.

  3. Start Small and THEN Grow
    Don't be eager to sink your savings into a liquidation lot or a container load of imported products. Because you don't know the first thing about what you are getting, and you will begin to lose your money and give up on selling online all together. Minimize your risk by starting small. Try drop shipping to test a product without investing funds into inventory. If the product proves successful, you can then move up to buying light bulk quantities for a better price-per-piece. Then if it is still a strong market for you, then you can get even greater volumes of the products to further increase your profit margins.
  4. Take Advantage of eBay Stores
    If you sell on eBay, you need to capitalize on the benefits an eBay store offers. They are a lot like regular stores on the internet, because you have a static place to advertise on the search engines to send customers to. Whereas selling by auctions, you have a time limit the products can be offered so it isn't worth the time to advertise in the search engines. An eBay store, you can list the products for sale all the time and gain the ability to send newsletters telling buyers what promotions you're running and what new products you are carrying.

Putting these things into practice can help you increase your selling success on eBay. Successful sellers aren't the ones who get everything right - they're the ones that refuse to quit. Choose to learn from your feedback, your customers and your experiences, good and bad, and just keep going. If you refuse to quit, you will eventually succeed. 

Finding Wholesale Products to sell on eBay
The ONLY way to get true wholesale prices is to get the product directly from a Certified Product Wholesaler. That is why we have spent years visiting tradeshows, visiting wholesalers and finding genuine wholesale suppliers who will work with new online sellers. It's not easy, but after over a decade we have collected the internet's largest, most comprehensive Directory of Certified Wholesalers you can find anywhere...and we add new WBI Certified™ Wholesalers daily!

If you want to try to find Certified Wholesalers on your own, be sure to visit our Scam Watch page for tips on how to identify the current online wholesale product scams.

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