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Selling Products on Amazon
Have you started selling on Amazon yet? If not, you are missing out on millions of potential customers.

Because the Amazon and eBay Marketplaces are neck and neck, some eBay sellers hesitate to get started on because it seems foreign. There are differences, but if you learn them, you can join other retailers, just like you, and tap into an entirely new source of customers.
Things to Consider about Selling on Amazon
  1. Site Organization
    When you sell on eBay, you craft each individual listing to stand out. Each item has its very own page on the eBay website. Shoppers are greeted with a host of unique sellers, displaying their various personalities and styles on their eBay item pages.

    On, the product holds center stage. Each product, based on its unique identifier (UPC, ISBN, etc) has its own page. That page is called the Product Detail Page. When the first seller of a particular product lists that product, that seller creates a new Product Detail Page, along with a description, and other details about the product. That new Product Detail Page then gets categorized and becomes part of the Amazon catalog.

    Once the page is in the catalog of products, anyone who has that exact product to sell may add their name to the Product Detail Page as a seller. Shoppers shop for a product, and then choose the seller they like best from the list of sellers on the Product Detail Page. They make their choice based on many factors including; price, seller feed back, condition etc.
  2. Seller Fees
    It's free to list your items on The seller fees are associated with actual sales, not listings. When you sell your item, you will be charged a percentage of the sale price. This percentage varies according to the category of the sold item. At first glance, the percentage may seem high, compared to eBay, but once you figure all eBay fees (including unsold item listing fees) and PayPal fees, Amazon comes out about even.

    Amazon offers two types of seller accounts. One is called an Individual Seller Account, and the other is a Pro Merchant Account. Individual Sellers pay $0.99 per item on top of the percentage when they make a sale. Pro Merchants pay $39.99 per month, and the $0.99 per item fee is waived. Pro Merchants also get to create Product Detail Pages and have access to other tools and benefits.

    The bottom line is: if you only sell a few items per month, stick with the Individual Seller account. If you sell 40+ items per month, go for the Pro Merchant Account.

  3. Shoppers Are Not All the Same
    Amazon shoppers expect high quality service and they will pay for it. The typical Amazon shopper is a bit more affluent and is willing to pay a little higher price, than the average web consumer.

    Amazon shoppers are also quite loyal to Amazon. They tend to shop on Amazon rather than surfing all over the internet looking to save a nickel. They want their item quickly and they want to get out.

    Amazon collects the payments for you. Whey they say you've sold an item, you can take that to the bank. If for some reason the buyer's payment fails after Amazon has told you to ship, they will cover the cost. They have a world class fraud protection that protects not only buyers, but sellers too.
  4. The Amazon Seller Community
    Generally speaking, the Amazon sellers you find on discussion boards are professional and helpful. Of course there's a cranky one every now and then, but most of them just focus on selling.

    You'll find people tend to handle site changes (which don't occur very often) with little emotion. There are many large businesses selling right alongside small businesses and home based businesses on what appears to be a very level playing field.

    You have a lot to gain and little to lose selling on Amazon.
Finding Wholesale Products to sell on Amazon
The ONLY way to get true wholesale prices is to get the product directly from a Certified Product Wholesaler. That is why we have spent years visiting tradeshows, visiting wholesalers and finding genuine wholesale suppliers who will work with new online sellers. It's not easy, but after over a decade we have collected the internet's largest, most comprehensive Directory of Certified Wholesalers you can find anywhere...and we add new WBI Certified™ Wholesalers daily!

If you want to try to find Certified Wholesalers on your own, be sure to visit our Scam Watch page for tips on how to identify the current online wholesale product scams.

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