newdirectory_monitorSince 1999, we here at has remained the gold standard in delivering to online sellers simply the LARGEST Directory of Real, Trustworthy, Certified Dropshippers and Wholesalers that the marketplace has to offer.

Well here in 2015 the standard raised.

We have spent over a year creating a fully redesigned Directory, so now Worldwide Brands is better than ever!  Now access to the millions of products from Certified Suppliers is delivered in a platform that is:

FASTER – new technology provides results on products and suppliers in a flash.

SIMPLER – a new search bar feature allows full access to all areas of the Directory from a single location.

SMARTER – new research and notification functionality that does the work for you.

We are excited about the New Directory and have already received great feedback about it! We hope that all of our members enjoy the new platform and new tools that can be found inside!

Want to see a video about the New Directory and get a peek at what’s inside? Go HERE!


By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

18 thoughts on “The New Way to Find Dropshippers & Wholesalers!”
  1. Why can’t I search based on Supplier name!!! So frustrating!!!

    Mark Ainsworth (new member)

  2. Hi Mark,

    You can most definitely search by supplier name now. Just use the search bar on the top! You can use this search bar to search by; supplier name, state, country and more. We opened up the contact fields so you can enter any of those things and bring up suppliers in many different ways. For more information, click on the support center link on the top right in the Directory.

  3. I am seriously considering signing up. Can you tell me do you have Vera Bradley on board? From what I have read so far, it is up to me to contact the supplier correct? Also, can the product be shipped to me and enable me to send out my own products or does it have to be through the company? I will wait for your response to my questions. Thanks for your time.

  4. Hi Marty,

    Thanks for your questions!

    When we contacted Vera Bradley a few years ago, they didn’t allow online sales unless you also had a brick and mortar store or you were a very large well known online store site such as Zappos. This is why you don’t see that brand saturated on the internet and offered by many online stores. We will contact them again though! Their site doesn’t state that they won’t work with online retailers, but their application is geared that way. But we will contact them to clarify.

    For your other question… we list suppliers that dropship single items directly to your customers or you can purchase light bulk (minimum orders of $500.00 or less) and they will ship those to you directly to ship out your own products. You don’t want a dropshipping account to have the products sent to you first and then delivered to the customer. This will cause extra shipping costs that you will have to pay & you can’t pass that onto the consumer because that would be doubling their cost.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Tisha that helps a lot. Back to Vera Bradley – I know they announced not to long ago that they are going public and I just thought that maybe with that announcement that they would be one of your drop shippers now – thanks for checking again – I have noticed that since their announcement that you see their products everywhere now. I will wait for your response. Thank you for your trouble.

  6. Where can I get more information about “Approved for” section of the search details? What does approved for ‘online store’ mean?

  7. Hi Mirza,

    Thank you for your question!

    Approved for online stores means that the supplier is willing to work with retailers that have an online store.

    As you browse the results, you will also see; Approved for eBay or Amazon.

    So if a supplier result only states; Approved for Online Stores, then that means no eBay or no Amazon sales. If the supplier result says Approved for Online Stores, eBay – then that means that they will work with online store retailers, eBay sellers, but NOT Amazon sellers.

    Hope that helps!

  8. No trouble at all Marty! But keep in mind, just because a company is now going public with their stock trading, doesn’t mean they will open it up to allow online retailers to sell their products. But we will definitely contact them. Please email in a few weeks to check up on progress with this supplier or to ask any additional questions.


  9. I’m considering opening an online store for yoga products and I need a drop shipper for this kind of products. The problem is that the store will be based in Greece and the customers as well. Do the wholesalers in your list ship products in Greece?

  10. Hi Dimitris,

    Thank you for your comment and question! We currently list over 8000 wholesale suppliers that represent more than 14 million products. I did a search for suppliers with yoga products and yoga related items and found quite a few supplier results. We have some that state that they ship worldwide and will work with international retailers. I’m sorry that I cannot give you an accurate count, there were too many matches and too many supplier results to go through.

    Keep in mind, that overall 60% to 70% of the listed suppliers will setup accounts with international retailers and ship worldwide. So that is over 4000 wholesale suppliers that will work with you.

    If you have any further questions, please email


  11. hello I would like to work with Dropshippers of you with caucados clothes and also with beauty products cosmeticos.Como Faso to work with Dropshippers of you following this?

  12. Hi Josiene,

    We list suppliers with clothing and with beauty products. It would depend on what you are specifically looking for. If there are certain brands that you have in mind, please email and ask about them. Also, if you are located outside the USA, not all of the listed suppliers will work with you. So if you email, please be sure to include your location.

    Hola Josiene ,

    Tenemos una lista de proveedores con la ropa y con productos de belleza. Dependería de lo que usted está buscando específicamente . Si hay ciertas marcas que usted tiene en mente , por favor escriba y preguntar por ellos . Además, si usted se encuentra fuera de los Estados Unidos, no todos los proveedores que figuran trabajará con usted . Así que si usted envía por correo electrónico , por favor asegúrese.


  13. Hello,
    I am liking the new layout! I am in the process of deciding what to sell. Before, when searching your data base for products, there was a percentage of if it was a saturated market or not. Is that still available? And if so where can I find it?
    Thank you! Hayley

  14. Hi Hayley,

    Thank you! To the right of the new search bar is an image to click to bring up the market research. It reads: Market Research / What Should I Sell?

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