We update our Directory every business day with new suppliers and new information about our already listed suppliers.

Every year, throughout the year, we conduct supplier updates to maintain a healthy Directory. But near the close the beginning of every year we do a MASSIVE update and reach out to all of the suppliers we list in a short amount of time and this results in a lot of quick changes!

We are updating contact information, adding and removing brand names, updating images, including more supplier requirements and unfortunately this also means removing a lot of suppliers in short amount of time too.

Suppliers will ask for removal for several reasons…
They are no longer accepting any more new dealer accounts. They have enough sellers now.
They have either recently closed their business, or will close soon.

We also temporarily remove a lot of suppliers during this time. We want to ensure that all suppliers are getting your emails and submissions, and so even just a simple email bounce will result in a temporary removal until we get a good valid working email address.

We want to provide you the best up to date Directory possible, so we always appreciate our members patience during this time and we wanted to give you this quick note to let you know why you might not be seeing suppliers you saw recently. We are working to get them all updated and  back in as soon as possible!

We will of course continue to ADD new suppliers during this time as well. We keep our promises!

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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