Struggling to Find and Manage Products You Want to Sell?

Struggling to Find and Manage Products You Want to Sell?

October 1st, 2009

Are you wanting to sell products online to make extra income?  Are you struggling to find wholesalers who will sell to an online store?  When you find a wholesaler and the products you want to sell, are you struggling to organize the information and get back to it quickly when you need it?  What can you do to drastically reduce the time it takes to assemble product information and then make sense of it?

To sell products successfully online, you need some critical information for each product:
1. Market and product research information
2. Current Demand
3. Current Supply
4. Current competition
5. Competitive pricing in eBay Auctions
6. Competitive pricing in major Retail (Amazon)

Once you secure the information for EACH product you want to sell, you need to sort it and track it different ways. It’s a major task to try to set this up on Excel Worksheets. That’s why the team at has developed a unique Product Sourcing Tool designed to meet the needs of active online retailers.


Using a keyword, the Research Tool provides a complete Demand/Supply/Competion Picture for you in one place using simple organized tabs.  For each keyword you use to search, the tool identifies the other keywords used by browsers to find such a product.  This way you can perform multiple product searches to help identify the niche you can possibly sell into.  Your searches can be saved for later to help with trending.  There is no risk of errors trying to cut and paste or re-key information into an Excel Worksheet.


For each keyword search, The Product Sourcing Tool identifies qualified wholesale suppliers willing to work with online retailers and supply wholesale products to sell via Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Stores or customized websites.  It identifies the wholesale supplier that offer products for dropshipping, light bulk, large volume & liquidation.separately.  Searches can be saved by Supplier.  Suppliers can be located by city, state or country in the tool as well, so if you want to locate a supplier in your region, you can easily locate them.   You can save your Preferred Suppliers separately – Add To My Suppliers.  You can also list suppliers that you cannot review when you see them but want to come back to them – Preferred Supplier.  It’s a fast way of finding retail wholesale relationships and identifying drop ship products.

Saving You Time

Time wasting for new online retailers includes:

  • Keying and emailing your company information to multiple wholesalers to request the opening of an account with those wholesalers.   The My Account section of the tool allows you to update the information once and then send an accurate, up-to-date information sheet to as many wholesalers as you need.
  • Looking for specific products you don’t find listed.  With, you don’t have to do the work.  Just contact, tell us what product/s you need to find and we will do the research work for you and find the right wholesale supplier for you.
  • Identifying what’s new.  You can select Show Only Last 30 Added from the Tools’ Dashboard and bingo, all the latest stuff is there for your review.
  • Wasting time researching products that eventually you determine you cannot sell on eBay or Amazon anyway.  The Tool clearly identifies these in the search result before you spend any time contacting the wholesale supplier.


Time is of the essence when you start to develop your own online retail business.  As Product Sourcing is an ongoing requirement to keep your business fresh and alive, and growing, it’s important that you have an organized and swift method of getting product information and being able to recall quickly it any time you need it.

Visit the Testimonials section to hear how many others have saved time finding and managing the products they want to sell.

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  1. Very nice site you have here, has useful information that can apply to anyone 🙂

    Comment by Nanette Kearns — April 25, 2012 @ 10:41 am

  2. TY, nice post! Exactly the thing I needed.

    Comment by Ima Atiles — May 28, 2012 @ 1:48 am

  3. Another factor to consider would be software. There are Shopping carts that will allow for direct integrations with wholesale suppliers and the like. This article was very helpful though.

    Comment by Jordan F. — August 1, 2012 @ 4:32 pm

  4. Wonderful, totally agree with you

    Comment by Adam C. — August 2, 2012 @ 6:49 pm

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