This is just a quick note to let you know what we added to the Worldwide Brands Directory of Certified Wholesalers for the month of September 2019 for our members!

We added suppliers, that together, offer a total SKU count of over 60,000 products!

The newly added suppliers offer:

Wholesale Pet Supplies
Wholesale Fantasy Gifts
Wholesale Baby Bottle Holders
Wholesale Silicone Cookware
Wholesale Bath Teas
Wholesale Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes
Wholesale Electric Fence Supplies
Wholesale Vaping Devices
Wholesale Wooden Jewelry
Wholesale Glass Smoking Pipes
Wholesale Area Rugs
Wholesale Jewelry Displays
Wholesale Pen Holders
Wholesale Fair Trade Clothing
Wholesale CBD Tincture Drops
Wholesale Bath Additives
Wholesale Building Model Kits
Wholesale Automotive Fluid Equipment
Wholesale Luggage
Wholesale Home Decor
Wholesale Bar Sets
Wholesale 3D Wooden Puzzles
Wholesale Modern Jewelry
Wholesale Baby Skincare
Wholesale Scarves

and more! 

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

3 thoughts on “September 2019 – Wholesale Suppliers Added”
  1. I do not know if I am a member. I purchased the e-book to learn about this method of online selling.
    So far, I am intrigued, and maybe I can do this.
    Thank you.

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