dropshipping will eliminate the need for storage and extra workspace

Dropshipping still confuses new sellers a little. Some see it totally as a scam. But really all it is is a service & delivery method. Continue with this article to learn exactly what dropshipping is and how it helps!

Starting a business online is easier than ever, but there are still aspects of running a business that can bog down a business, and even bring it down without proper management.

One in particular is shipping. It’s not uncommon for businesses to attract negative reviews due to their performance of delivering products their customers purchased online. In addition to poor reviews and overall customer experience, the cost of packing and shipping products is often what prevents people from really expanding because it’s so risk intensive.

Money and Time Saver

This is where dropshipping comes in.  A dropshipper is a WHOLESALE SUPPLIER that will hold the inventory and ship products to the end customer for you. Dropshipping means not having any inventory and relying on your wholesale supplier. This helps your business because you:

  1. Do not have to buy in bulk and have room to hold your inventory
  2. Don’t have to worry about packing and shipping the products
  3. And do not have to hire staff to help you out with your inventory

Having warehouse space means more money spent. Packing and shipping the products yourself means more money spent. Also, as your business grows and more customers are buying from you, you will not have to hire extra staff to pack and ship items which means even more money spent.

Dropshipping WARNING ⚠️

Dropshipping saves time and saves money! But you can’t just choose anyone off the internet that says they dropship and try to start selling. Because yes! There are scams and middlemen that will earn money from your profits or charge you a monthly fee just for the privilege to sell those products. You have to make sure that you work with REAL Wholesalers so you don’t have to worry that the goods aren’t being delivered right as well as make sure that you aren’t overpaying for wholesale prices.

Real Dropshipping

factory direct dropshipping

Here at WorldwideBrands.com we maintain a list of over 8,000 REAL wholesale suppliers in an online B2B Directory. We list wholesalers, wholesalers that dropship, large volume wholesalers, importers and liquidation companies. Before listing, we certify the legitimacy of all of the wholesale suppliers (make sure they are real) and that they are willing to work with online retailers. We are always adding new wholesale sources to the Directory for our members and updating information. So the Directory stays current and updated.

We are not a middleman! We do not pretend to sell products and our Directory is a Directory of WHOLESALERS not a marketplace to purchase wholesale products. Our service is finding real companies that will wholesale products to online retailers. Each supplier goes through a lengthy verification process before we even consider listing them for our members.

Our members then search the Directory to find suppliers they want to work with and they will then connect and work with that supplier directly! We are not involved in the supplier selection process, we do not tell you who to work with & we do not even know WHO are members are working with.

We provide the wholesale sources for our members for a one time fee for LIFETIME ACCESS to our Directory of WBI Certified Wholesalers and Dropshippers.

Want more information? Check out the video here: What We DO

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

6 thoughts on “Dropshipping: Selling Without Inventory”
  1. Hi,

    There are many places to sell products online. eBay, Amazon or your own website. There are also physical ways to sell products, such as at flea markets, swap meets, classified ads and etc. So there is always an outlet for selling products. With our Directory, all of our suppliers are vetted for online sales, but since they are all also legitimate wholesalers, they will ship in bulk for retailers that sell in a brick and mortar locations or other physical locations or even if you just want to sell online and store the inventory yourself. We have a great free eBook that you can read to help you get started. It’s called Starting Your Internet Business Right and you can find it here; http://www.worldwidebrands.com/wwb/kh_freeebookHOME.asp

  2. Hi I’m thinking about launching an online pet store.Do these dropshippers require a percent of what you sell ? Also , are reviews necessary for a successful site, you know, like the rating system Amazon uses? Let me know your thoughts.Thank yoy.

  3. Hi Roland,

    It’s not an affiliate relationship with the suppliers, it’s a wholesale relationship. You have a set wholesale price that you pay to the wholesale suppliers after you collect the funds from the customer for your advertised retail price. The suppliers would not expect anything other than their wholesale cost for the product.

    People love reviews. It’s not completely necessary for a successful site, but it does help on several levels:
    1. Customers like to see what others experiences are with the product – the more favorable the reviews, the more likely they are to purchase
    2. Reviews keep fresh content coming into your site. The search engines love refreshed and new content, and it helps with SEO. Most people that review, will mention the product name or unknowingly put SEO keywords in their reviews which will help your site in the search engines. This is why most large companies allow reviews.
    3. The reviews can help you determine if you want to continue to try to sell that product. If a product gets nothing but negative reviews, then you immediately know it’s not a favorite and you can cease trying to sell it and replace it with another product that may be of more interest.

    I have been to A LOT of online store websites, wholesale websites and etc. I find some really great looking sites without reviews, and others with. I also see sites that have a review section, but no one has left reviews yet.

    You can always try with or without and see what happens.

    Another thing to try is to email your customer a few days after they received the product, email them and ask them to email you a review, or have the capability turned on, that will send them a link, but it doesn’t publish their review until you check it. This will keep the “review” section turned off on your site, but you can still gather reviews to see if you WANT to publish them.

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