keep calm worldwidebrands.comEvery day more and more scams are popping up on the internet for starting a business, business in a box, fake wholesalers and more. Like the world needs more right?!?!

Unfortunately these scammers keep in business because so many people fall for their fake promises and flashy webpages. Don’t be an easy mark! All these scammers care about is taking your money. They bring you in at a low price point, and then you get swamped with phone call and email offers to spend more money or they just provide you with repeated stolen information from other sources.

You can always trust us here at We have been in business since 1999 finding genuine sources & recommendations for our members. We have helped thousands of retailers find legitimate wholesale suppliers and dropshippers for their stores.

We keep our promises and provide new sources for our members on a daily basis in our continuously updated online WBI Certified Wholesaler Directory.

We aren’t in business to scam people. Our team works hard on our information and we have maintained a fantastic reputation on the internet for providing trusted sources. We don’t steal! We FIND all the suppliers on our own and do all of our own work.

Our service is a one time fee for lifetime access. We don’t require you to purchase anything else for our membership and we don’t flood you with phone calls or emails. We don’t like that stuff either!

So if you are getting barraged by scam offers and don’t know which way to turn, Keep Calm and Get Your Dropshp On with Certified Wholesalers!

By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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