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Since 1999 we have been finding the absolute BEST Wholesalers for online retailers to work with. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our Wholesaler Directory and of course we feel like it's the best...but what do other people think?

Check out what others have to say about us below!

Worldwide Brands Reviews and Member Success Stories

Wayne L.
Member Since 2008

"Paula [my wife] and I have been chatting about our day and she told me that she is not nervous anymore about the venture in starting the store. I said that for me, what is giving me my confidence that we are going to do well, is the help that you and your folks [Worldwide Brands, Inc] give us.

Chris, you already know this, but having someone ...Read More

Denise T.
Member Since 2008

"Thanks, Chris. You and WWB are the greatest resource I ever invested in!

Jacksonville, FL

Wayne G.
Member Since 2006

"I just wanted to express my very thanks for all of the information that I have received from your web site company.

I am a newbie to online selling, and have looked into many other programs. I look forward to having a long term relationship with you. There is so much stuff to digest, and I am so full right now, I am about to burst.

Thank ...Read More

Kelly L.
Member Since 2003

"I am a single mom trying to make ends meet. It's tough out here. I have always wanted to start my own web business but like you talk about I don't have much I can afford to lose. Basically, if I make many mistakes I don't only lose my hard earned, saved, money I lose my chance to ever accomplish my dream of doing this.

I came to your site fo...Read More

Bill S.
Member Since 2002

"WHEW!!! Finally, exactly what someone needs to sell something on the net without having to actually stock or produce the products themselves which was the direction I was headed.

Everything just got easy, thank you.

Oh yeah, loved the [free ebook "Starting Your Internet Business Right"] because it provided me with quite a bit of info on the ho...Read More

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