Hottest Selling Product Lists are those quick little lists that retailers, bloggers, marketers and just some random people on the internet will put together. They do this to try and get some attention to their site to usually sell something.

So you’d think that a Hot Selling Product list would be a great place to get ideas of what to sell and make money. But that’s not necessarily the case!

There are many places that publish these lists on “The Hottest Selling Products Online”. From marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, to smaller companies that sell software or other tools for online businesses.

These lists are strange things. They can be good if used properly, but also bad if you’re not very careful.

The Good Thing About Hot Selling Product Lists

There is only one.

When a retailer, like Amazon, posts these types of lists, it’s based on the metrics on what’s selling on their platform. So when it comes from a reliable source like that, it gives you a good picture of what is selling well on their site over a reasonable period of time. That’s important information, whether you sell on Amazon or not.

The Bad Thing About Hottest Selling Product Lists

hottest selling product lists can sometimes be more of a headache than a benefit

There are a couple of bad things about these types of lists. The first potential problem is that the information is generated from very simple statistics. If a large number of a certain item is sold and/or more are advertising for it, then it makes it on the list! The problem with that is that it does not take profit margin into account!

A very good example of this situation is the electronics market. Cell phones, computers, Stereo Equipment, Gaming Stations… the list goes on. For some reason, that no one understands, is that almost everybody who first starts out selling online, wants to jump in and sell electronics!

Not saying that it can’t be done, but it’s very difficult. That market became oversaturated years and years ago. This caused everyone to undercut everyone else’s prices over and over again to stay in business. This left a very thin profit margin in Electronics that still prevails today. You have to really sell A LOT of electronics to make any money at it. It’s because the individual profits are so small!

The second potential bad thing about a Hottest Selling Product List is that EVERYONE SEES THESE LISTS! This can be a really bad thing. Even if the product in question is a new one that made it to the top of the list! So with millions of people seeing the same thing you are, that product is quickly going to get flooded with all kinds of sellers and then the price frenzy begins.

The third bad thing, if you are just looking at some random list you found online.. what did they base those results on? Just picking and choosing what THEY like? Or maybe steering you away from products they are selling? Random lists are just that.. random lists. Never look at nor trust a hot selling product list if they don’t back and cite their sources.

So What Should I Sell?

From a straightforward “What Should I Sell” perspective, Hottest Selling Product Lists are not good places to draw inspiration from. However, there IS a way you can make these lists work for you and successful online sellers know what that is… VERTICAL MARKET.

A Vertical Market is a group of products that are similar to or closely associated with that product.

For example, let’s say that Apple AirPods are the best-selling electronics product on Amazon right now. You can’t sell the latest and greatest AirPods anyway because Apple will not let you, so that’s why you look at the Vertical Market. Things like silicone AirPod cases, charging cables, lanyards, cleaners and other accessories that you can market alongside those top selling products.

The same applies to any product on the hottest selling product lists. Number one in clothing and shoes is Crocs? Then sell charms and other attachments, socks, crocs storage boxes and insoles. Yes, these products might be small, but BUNDLE them together to make the ultimate accessory pack for Crocs fans!

So instead of being one of the tens of thousands trying to eke out a small profit in the super competitive product market, or to be associated with brands of products you CANNOT resell, then you look to the Vertical Markets.

Sales, whether online or in a store, is a creative art. It’s not just a case of.. Here you go! Now buy it! You can apply this method for any product. Avoid the herd mentality and think about it first!

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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