Dropshipping is NOT a Total Solution

June 25th, 2021
dropshipping box

Dropshipping is a great way to get started selling products online, but don’t make that your complete business strategy. You need a plan to move beyond dropshipping if you want to grow your business.

Dropshipping Has Limits

With dropshipping you cannot sell any product you want to. Many companies require their retailers to purchase and hold inventory and even others already have all the retailers they want or need. So when you dream of selling things like the latest Nike shoes or Kate Spade handbags using dropshippers, think again.

Another dropshipping limit is prices. Yes, you are getting wholesale prices if using real dropshipping suppliers (like the ones found in our Directory). But you are not getting the absolute best price possible, because you are not buying in volume. The more you buy, the cheaper each individual item gets because you are getting volume discounts on top of the base wholesale price.

Move Beyond Dropshipping

warehouse with products

You need to realize that dropshipping is only part of your overall product sourcing solution. As your sales pick up and you begin to see profits coming in, you can start to reinvest them into purchasing inventory. That way, you are able to take advantage of the better pricing and higher margins that come with buying wholesale in bulk. Your drop shipping will identify the products that sell well for you, so you don’t have to invest any money into untried inventory that might not sell.

While you’ll find many situations in which drop shipping is the best fit for your business needs, it’s not a good idea to limit yourself to using only drop shipping. Not one method of sourcing products is the most effective solution for every situation. That’s why, as your business grows, you need to branch out and expand.

Our Product Sourcing Solution

dropshipping directory

Our Members already have a leg up on the competition, because not only do they have access to real dropshipping suppliers, but they also have access to thousands of light bulk wholesalers.

Light bulk is a term that we coined to indicate suppliers with low minimum orders to make buying products more affordable for newer businesses. So when our members are ready, they can reach out to the light bulk suppliers as well to start holding some of that smaller inventory.

We are always adding new light bulk and dropshipping suppliers to the Directory every business day. Check out what the Directory has offer by CLICKING HERE.

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The Importance of Having a Mentor

June 18th, 2021

Every person that has ever achieved great success in their lives had the help from others. No one can do it alone, which is why having a mentor is crucial to have if you want to succeed.

Steve Jobs was mentored by Robert Friedland
Dr. Ed Roberts mentored Bill Gates
Bing Crosby was mentor to Frank Sinatra
…the list goes on and on in for any aspect of life or goal!

So why do you need one?

A mentor will help you achieve what you want, as fast as possible. They will provide you guidance to help you succeed and navigate to avoid the mistakes that THEY made. So you will learn from their mistakes versus learning from you own, which will only set you back and slow your goal!

Choosing a Mentor

So when you find someone in your niche that has a valuable course or information, invest in it, because it will save you so much time! But how to find that person?

Look to anyone that has success in the area that you are in. The last thing you want to do is try and learn from someone who has no idea and is trying to fake it. Then when you find that person, ASK. Simply ASK them if they will mentor you, or FIND if they already have a course or information.

warning do not choose a bad mentor

I have seen so many young “guru’s” that think they have they answer for everything. They talk fast, use great keywords, show you amazing images of things that you desire to have… DO NOT BE FOOLED. They are simply recycling information they found in other places or talking to someone else that has the answer! Do don’t type “business mentor” into a search engine without being prepared for an onslaught of scammy looking messages.

Look to a company you trust for recommendations or a person you trust that can point you in the right direction or do that careful research yourself to find one.. (make sure to check that person out as much as you can!!!)

A Mentor for Selling Online

Most of the readers for our newsletter and blog are trying to sell online, or have been selling online for a long time and are always looking to take their business to the next level.

Would you like to learn from someone who has over 25 years experience running multi-million dollar online businesses?

Would you like to learn how to avoid scams and how to avoid getting cheated at any part of your business journey and growth?

How about learning how to SAVE money for your online business. So you won’t waste time and money on things that will not work for your business?

Are you a beginner and need to learn EVERYTHING from the ground up?

chris malta, business mentor
Chris Malta, CEO

If you said yes to any of those, the name you need to know is Chris Malta.

Chris Malta is CEO and founder of WorldwideBrands.com. So if you have been reading our articles or following us for years, you have seen and heard that name many times. If you are new, then he is someone you need to know!

Check out the free eBiz Insider Video series to get started!

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Wholesalers and Dropshippers Added in May 2021

June 4th, 2021
May 2021
Wholesalers and Dropshippers Added

One of the best things about the Worldwide Brands Certified Directory of Wholesalers and Dropshippers is that we don’t just list any company that says they dropship or wholesale.

We take each company through a verification process as well as research them before considering them for a listing in our Directory. Then on top of that, the supplier gets re-checked over for final decision. Our members NEVER have to worry about scam, fake or fraud suppliers!

We announce new products added on our social streams, but you can always get this monthly update on our blog or newsletter.

This is just a quick note to let you know what products the new Wholesalers and Dropshippers have, that we added the Worldwide Brands Directory of Certified Wholesalers & Dropshippers in May 2021.

For May we added 26 new suppliers, that together, offer a total SKU count of over 21,000 products!! Best of all these suppliers are ready to work with our online retailer members and most were added as a result of a member product request.

The Newly Added Suppliers Offer

showing images of recently added wholesalers and dropshippers  wholesale products

Wholesale Candy
Dropship Office Desks
Wholesale Toys
Dropship Bedroom Sets
Wholesale Snacks
Dropship Stadium Chairs
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
Dropship Bleacher Seats
Wholesale Indian Jewelry
Dropship Celtic Jewelry
Wholesale Trail Mixes
Dropship Pendants
Wholesale Nuts
Dropship Pewter Gifts
Wholesale Boy’s Clothing
Dropship Men’s Apparel
Wholesale Sea Life Jewelry
Dropship Women’s Clothing
Wholesale Charm Bracelets
Dropship Children’s Outerwear
Wholesale Baby Boy Swimwear
Dropship Office Supplies
Wholesale Gourmet Hot Sauces
Dropship School Supplies
Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry
Dropship Stationery
Dropship Ready to Assemble Furniture
Wholesale Daddy and Son Matching Apparel
Wholesale Specialty Sauces
Wholesale Natural Condiments
Dropship Organic Soaps
Dropship Natural Skincare
Dropship Hand Poured Soy Candles
Wholesale Personalized Gifts
Wholesale Tooth Fairy Pillows
Wholesale Custom Pillow Cases
Dropship Garden Water Filtration Systems
Dropship Hydroponic Water Systems
Dropship Water Treatment Systems
Wholesale Private Label Cosmetics
Wholesale Custom Makeup
Dropship Handicrafts
Dropship Home Goods
Dropship Fashion Accessories
Wholesale Garden Supplies
Wholesale Home Decor
Dropship Giftware
Dropship Snacks
…and more!

If you are a member, Login today, to check out the newest additions.
Not a member yet? What are you waiting for?

Picking a Niche is Important!

May 28th, 2021

Every day, we get emails here for customer service where a brand new entrepreneur is asking about datafeeds and integrations because they want to offer THOUSANDS of products in lots of different categories on their website. They dream of being the next AMAZON or WALMART.

It is so wonderful that you have these big, lofty dreams. I think everyone should have at least one goal and work on it. But, I’m sorry to tell you that you have already failed before you even started. You can’t accomplish this dream as a new beginner. Every large company, like Andrew Defrancesco‘s, has started small and built to where they are today. It’s about growth and progress.

Amazon was an online bookstore.
Walmart was a very small general type store on a Main St. in a town in Arkansas. (You can still visit that store, it’s now a museum.)

stressed out guy in front of his computer

If you even attempt to blow up to their level in just a few years, you are going to be stressed out, overworked, have spent A LOT of money and be not much further ahead than where you started or you most likely have quit already. (which typically happens)

The Importance of Picking a Niche

Amazon started as a bookstore in Jeff Bezos’s home garage, because at that time, he researched and found that books were in super high demand, he could get lots of different titles and the prices were low enough from his suppliers to make a good profit. That was then.

Now Jeff did something important, that other highly successful online entrepreneurs have done. STEP ONE: RESEARCH to find what was in DEMAND and that YOU CAN SELL online to make a PROFIT.

Sure, you can fiddle around and guess and try things and fail. But how about actually doing some legitimate research and learn how to do it right?

The Best Guide for Picking a Niche

image of the sell niches digital bundle that shows you get an ebook and other digital guides that teach you how to research a niche

This is where SellNiches.com can greatly help your new online business. They teach BEGINNERS just like you, how to find those profitable niche markets so you can also work on achieving those big goals of yours!

Their bundle of digital products will clearly teach you the fastest and easiest ways to pick great product niches to sell online.

Best of all, if you are a Worldwide Brands Member, their Sell Niches Bundle is the perfect companion to the Wholesaler & Dropshipper Directory!

So CHECK IT OUT! https://www.sell-niches.com/

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Working with Multiple Dropshippers

May 21st, 2021

Sometimes it may be necessary to work with multiple dropshippers for your store. Because just one might not have all that you need. So learning how to manage working with multiple dropshipping suppliers will greatly enhance your business. You can expand your product offerings and by that attract even more customers and that will increase your competitive edge.

But, if you don’t have solid organization and extra measures put into place for everything to run smoothly, you can end up with some added frustrations too.

Choose the Right Dropshippers

This is the most crucial part of selling any product online. If you don’t have good dropshipping suppliers in your corner, you are already setup for failure. Find the best dropshipping suppliers at WorldwideBrands.com. We have already taken each supplier through a verification process to ensure no middlemen, no scams and no fraud! Real wholesalers, real dropshipping, real wholesale prices.

Critical Things to Understand

Make sure that you fully understand how to get the product information from the supplier. Whether that is a datafeed, or you get the information from their catalog and you enter it manually. If the supplier has a lot of products, and it’s manual work, you may want to choose another supplier to work with. You will have to basically transcribe all that product information manually and then check it all manually. It will be too time consuming if you plan on working with multiple suppliers. To avoid confusion and turmoil, you must make sure to record all your events or transactions with technologies like Blockchain event api.

If it is a manual process and the supplier has just a few items you want to resell, then it could be worth the time and effort especially if it a product that will greatly enhance your product offerings.

Once you figure out how you get the data, then establish a process to check that product information at least once a day. Even if that simply means setting a calendar reminder or an alert to check for any updates and that everything is operating smoothly.

Second is the ordering process. How do you order? Some suppliers have an automated system, so they get notified when you get notified there is an order. Others you have to login and place the order and others you would email the order (or setup a rule that once you get a notification about the order, it auto notifies your supplier about that order too). Make sure that you and your supplier are on the same page about your ordering process. Even do a test order to make sure that everything is operating smoothly.

Third is the returns, exchanges and etc. Understand each of your suppliers policies about the products and each product page needs to have info about the returns or exchanges policy.

The Biggest Challenge with Multiple Dropshippers

The biggest hurdle that confuses most online retailers is shipping. How much do I charge for shipping?

You can do a whole bunch of calculations from various zip codes for each individual product dimensions, which is quite a daunting task! Or you can do something simple like.. a FLAT RATE of $9.95 shipping fee for anything and FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50.00. You will lose some money on some transactions due to shipping fees, and gain some money on others. So make sure to watch how it’s going and edit as you go.

So you may or may not lose money, but you definitely have a lot less headache and frustration trying to figure it out!

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Make it Easy, Make it Easy… Don’t let…

May 14th, 2021

Every time I say ‘Make it Easy’, I always sing it to the tune of “Take It Easy” by the Eagles. Never Fails! Did I now plant it in your head? Good, now I’m not the only one!

Make it Easy, don’t let your website get diluted.

You have got to make it easy in your customers. You have less than a minute to impress them to get them to want to stay on your site. The easier you make it on your customer, the better chance they are to order.

So how do you do it?

Just Give Me a Kiss!

Make it easy and keep it simple

Keep It Simple, Silly. (I changed the last word, I dislike the original word)
If you fuss up your site too much with music and dancing bears, this will make your site slower to load and simply distract your visitor or annoy them which would be even worse.

Tell it like it is up front. What your site is about and what you have to offer and how you can be contacted.

Make shopping super easy. The entire ordering process needs to be very simple and uncomplicated with just a few steps and accept multiple payment options.

Your customer needs to feel safe. So you need to stress the security and integrity of the site or provide payment options that they feel safe about; like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and etc.

Just make it as easy and you would want it to be. No fuss. Make it safe. Keep it simple.

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April 2021 – Wholesalers and Dropshippers Added

May 7th, 2021
april 2021 new wholesalers and dropshippers added at worldwiderbrands.com

One of the best things about the Worldwide Brands Certified Directory of Wholesalers and Dropshippers is that we don’t just list any company that says they dropship or wholesale.

We take each company through a verification process as well as research them before considering them for a listing in our Directory. Then on top of that, the supplier gets re-checked over for final decision. Our members NEVER have to worry about scam, fake or fraud suppliers!

We announce new products added on our social streams, but you can always get this monthly update on our blog or newsletter.

This is just a quick note to let you know what products the new Wholesalers and Dropshippers have, that we added the Worldwide Brands Directory of Certified Wholesalers & Dropshippers in April 2021.

For April we added suppliers, that together, offer a total SKU count of over 23,000 products!! Best of all these suppliers are ready to work with our online retailer members and most were added as a result of a member product request.

The Newly Added Suppliers Offer

picture examples of some of the wholesale products and dropship products added; water treatment, diaper bags, pet clothes, greeting cards, fitness eqiupment

Wholesale Anti Chafe Salves
Pain Relief Rubs Wholesale
Wholesale Chili Seasoning
BBQ Sauces Wholesale
Wholesale LED Lighting
Dropship Lighting
Wholesale Diploma Frames
Dropship Certificate Frames
Wholesale Microscopes
Dropship Lab Equipment
Wholesale Licensed Collegiate Products
Handbags Wholesale
Wholesale Licensed Collegiate Sunglasses
Dropship Reading Glasses
Wholesale Activewear
Dropship Fitness Clothing
Wholesale Water Filtration Systems
Dropship Water Treatment Equipment
Wholesale Baby Carriers
Diaper Bags Wholesale
Wholesale Toilet Elixirs
Toilet Spray Wholesale
Wholesale NHL Dog Apparel
Dog Collars Wholesale
Wholesale Hearing Protection
Hearing Enhancers Wholesale
Wholesale Exercise Equipment
Fitness Training Products Wholesale
Wholesale Vintage Window Signs
Home Decor Wholesale
Wholesale CBD Supplements
Dropship CBD Gummies
Wholesale Fabrics
Greeting Cards Wholesale
Wholesale Elderberry Syrup
Herbal Tea Wholesale
Wholesale Beverages
Paper Goods Wholesale
Wholesale Bamboo Dog Chews
Pet Supplies Wholesale
…and more!

If you are a member, Login today, to check out the newest additions.
Not a member yet? What are you waiting for?

Let’s Get Personal

April 30th, 2021

“Those who say, “it’s not personal, it’s just business” are lying. All business is personal, and the best business is very personal.” Rick Lenz

get personal and the customer will feel like they are in the right place
this must be the place

When you get personal on your website, it just works. Right from the onset as soon as the customer comes onto your site, they should immediately feel they are in the right space. They are where they need to be to find what they were looking for, or maybe that they didn’t know that they even needed.

Know Your Customer

Knowing who the customer is that you are targeting for your products will make this extremely easy. Like I mentioned in the “Stick to the Plan” article, you need to figure out the target customer and the end goal.

I want to help__(target market)________ do/find/achieve___(what does the product allow them to do)______ so that___(what is the end accomplishment)____

Example: I want to help busy moms find relaxation so that they can care for themselves and their families better.

Excerpt From “Stick to the plan” by Tisha Hedges
get personal with your target audience to build a site that is geared towards them
Tired Mom

So my target customer is busy moms. These poor moms are exhausted and are looking for effective ideas. They are primed to be sold on something. So how do we do that?

By getting personal of course! What does she want to see?

Creating My Website for My Customer

I want to create an ambiance in my store that is warm and inviting. I’m going to show examples of moms doing regular everyday type things. I want to talk to them about being tired and exhausted. I’m heavily promoting their own self care so they can take care of their families better.

I’m going to tug at her heart strings and make her realize that yes, I need this and it will be so beneficial to me and my family. And then I’m going to drive it home even more by showing them the results they will get after they use my relaxation products.

When I show the products, I’m going to weave and craft my words so that I’m talking directly to her and what this product can do for her. I’m going to make it so appealing that she can’t go on without it. I’m going to drive it home by showing how easy it is to use and show images of satisfied moms that are using the products.

get personal by showing the results of what can happen for your target customer

We have just created a personalized website, targeting busy moms looking for ways to relax and take care of themselves.

You can’t do these things with datafeeds and integrations. Those are not personal. They are generalized and data driven. They are not geared for your target customer and do not create a unique personalized experience.

Get personal. You can’t run a successful business without it.

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Stick to the Plan

April 23rd, 2021

So you have a great idea and online is the perfect place to start it? That’s great you are so inspired! But slow down…inspiration is only part of the equation. Before you dive all in and start buying things and get a hosting provider; create a plan, and then stick to the plan.

“There’s no reason to have Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.” Will Smith

Going Nowhere Fast

dead end sign

Have you ever heard that if you have no idea where you’re going, you’re guaranteed to get there? Adaptation from a Lewis Carroll quote. That means NOWHERE. You will end up nowhere if you don’t lay out a map for where you need to go. Create a plan, and then stick to the plan!

So sit down, take your shoes back off and think about and talk about exactly what it is that you want to do. Throw the ideas out there to family and friends, get feedback, refine it, go back to it and re-look at everything. That’s all part of the process.

Creating a Plan

creatinge a business plan

There are things you need to consider when creating a plan for your new business.

  1. Who do you want to reach?
    What is your target market?
    Find out as much as you can about the type of customers you want to bring to you, find out what they like and dislike, and most importantly, what do they need or want?
  2. What do you want to accomplish?
    After choosing your target market and figuring out what they need or want, then be super clear about your goals for your online business.

    Try this and fill in the blanks…
    I want to help__(target market)________ do/find/achieve___(what does the product allow them to do)______ so that___(what is the end accomplishment)____

    Example: I want to help busy moms find relaxation so that they can care for themselves and their families better.

    I’m sure you can guess what products I want to offer!
  3. Know your competition
    Find your top competitors and study their websites. Find things that they are doing, that you can do better. How are they describing the products? How are the product images? Do they offer videos? What about social media? How often do they post? What kinds of things do they post? Do they have a newsletter?

    Gather as much intel as you can about them, and then figure out how TO DO IT BETTER.
  4. Map out your online store
    Based on what you gathered about your competition, start mapping out what you want in your store. Look at templates and see if you can find a layout that you like. What are you going to call your pages? Where are you going to place your navigation? How do you want your product pages to look? How much space do you want to write descriptions and information about the product so that it is more appealing your TARGET AUDIENCE.
  5. Research products and learn about them
    Having ideas for what you want to sell is AWESOME, but you also have to make sure to find a supplier for those types of products before you completely set your heart on selling that. For example, for my busy mom site for relaxation, I might have wanted to include massage chairs, but I can’t find a wholesale supplier that will work with me as an online retailer. So maybe I’ll find a supplier with hand massagers instead. Research, research and research!

    If you want to find quality products from real wholesale suppliers, look no further than the Worldwide Brands Directory of Wholesalers and Dropshipping Suppliers. All of the suppliers listed in the Directory will work online retailers!

That’s it! Now create a plan, and then stick to the plan. The important takeaway here is not to rush. Learn as much as you can before you dive in. With a business plan in place, with strategies you need to carry it out, and people and services to help you move it forward, you are more likely to stick to your business project.

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Mindset is Everything

April 16th, 2021
Happy Coffee!

I start my morning everyday anywhere between 4:30am to 5am. I drink coffee, quickly scroll through some social media and listen to personal development podcasts for about 30 minutes before I go ahead and dive into my work for the day. This puts me in an excellent positive mindset to tackle the day, and mindset is EVERYTHING.

Law of Cause and Effect

Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect states that whatever you send into the universe comes back. Every cause has its effect; every effect, its cause. There’s no such thing as chance.

Ralph Waldo Emerson called this The Law of Laws. It’s powerful. You get back what you put out. It is like a boomerang. You throw it out and it comes back.

If you put a negative out, you will get a negative back. When you put a positive out you will get a positive back, maybe not straight away, but it will come.

Focus On the Positive

Positivity is Infectious!

No one likes negativity. In your personal life or from those around you. If you always put out negativity or an air or superiority, you will impact all those around you as well. Push out good vibes and positivity, and more people will gravitate towards you.

This is extremely helpful in not just your personal life, but it impacts your business life too. People want to work with positive people. No one wants to work with a grouch that is always putting a negative spin on things. “Oh, you won the lottery? Think of the taxes!”.. No thank you. I’ll be the one to say: “Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I’m so very happy for you!”. A quick example of a positive mindset!

Your Attitude Effects Your Success

We all know that it won’t be sunshine and roses everyday. But if you try and just put in the effort and start your day with something that puts you in a positive mindset, at least you are TRYING!

If you have a positive frame of mind, you can literally sell anything. If you plan ahead to be successful, you will be successful.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Believe in what you have to sell : Love your product so much that you energetically and passionately talk about it. If you are passionate about what you are selling, your enthusiasm for the product will radiate to your customers.

Make sure there is always sufficient inventory on hand. You never want to be caught short. If you are using a supplier that dropships, if something regularly runs low on stock, buy and stock some yourself. When you buy a case of the product, you can negotiate a lower price and earn more profit.

Computer Office Setup

Don’t skimp on your computer setup. In my world of online business, nothing ruins my day more than a computer that is slow or crashes or has insufficient storage or lacking program capabilities. Seriously makes me angry and just puts me in a sour mood. “I was busy working on that project! I was in the middle of writing a great article! Ugh! Did it save?”

If you are running an online business, have good online business equipment, and this means an excellent computer with good storage and will run fast. Don’t buy a cheap or used computer. I know that it may stretch your budget a little, but as you continue with your business, it will be a blessing and only help to keep your mood light & bright!

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