Between the internet and dropship wholesalers, business owners and retailers online are in a very good place in terms of running their business and keeping costs down.

While it does take time to establish a brand and gain speed with the community as a serious professional and brand; the end result retailers online get can be both surprising and inspiring.

That said, it’s also necessary to stress that retailing online is NOT a means of quick cash. The internet is not an ATM. People that work toward establishing their online retail store, work for years before reaching their goals. Often without a single sale during that time.

A retailer can go without sales for some time while building up their brand and identity, so dropshipping is a great way to get started. A few reasons why so many retailers seek out dropship wholesalers includes the following:

Benefits of Dropship Wholesalers

1. Reduce Product Overhead

While brick and mortar businesses are forced to make the initial investment of purchasing the product in order to stock their shelves, the online retailer can leap-frog that step. By doing that they eliminate the product overhead costs and risk of not selling the products.

2. Eliminate Loss of Investment

save money using dropshipping wholesalers

Because online retailers don’t need to make the risk of purchasing products customers might not want, you can literally eliminate the loss of your investment. This keeps your budget healthy, which in turn keeps your business strong. This is especially important during economic crisis and personal financial problems that may rise in the future.

3. Dropshipping Wholesalers Are Professionals

When it comes to shipping product all over the world, it may be quite a challenge for the novice online retailer. Why worry about messing up an order, not shipping product with enough protection, or losing your tracking information when you can leave it to the pros? Drop shipping wholesalers are experienced specialists that regularly ship their products all over the world (depending on the drop shipping wholesaler).

4. Dropship Wholesalers Allow You to Focus On Customers

When you work with a dropshipping professional, you’re free to focus on what matters the most, customer service and customer satisfaction. So instead of struggling to stay on top of everything involved with shipping products, you can focus on keeping your customer happy and getting to know them a little better. The value in the ability to know your customers is important as the market becomes increasingly saturated. Because customers are looking for people and businesses they can trust, not just places to buy products from. The more you get to know your customer, the more likely you are to see more business from them in the future.

5. Stay Organized

The one downside to trying to do everything yourself is that it’s easy to slip up on things. Shipping is no exception … and perhaps one of the most troublesome aspects of running a business online. It requires efficiency, professionalism, and skill.

Why risk slipping up when you could be achieving all of the mentioned points with a dropshipping wholesaler? Find a dropshipping wholesaler for your niche and continue forward with a healthier bottom line. A more efficient process, and the ability to give your customers the attention they deserve in this overcrowded market.

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

5 thoughts on “Dropship Wholesalers – 5 Reasons You Need Them”
  1. Hi Tisha,
    Very good article. Thanks
    I just have one question. How high is the risk with drop shipping that the Wholesaler doesn’t let you know when a particular product out of stock? So you advertise it make a sale and find out afterwards that they don’t have it. Which would then rebound against your sales record and on ebay affect your feedback. How can this potential problem be avoided?
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Thanks Maureen. 🙂

    To answer your question, typically a supplier that will drop ship has real time inventory so you always know what is in stock at all times. If the supplier doesn’t have this function, you can always ask the supplier for advice. For eBay, and to protect your feedback, you need to control your shipping. So to sell in that Marketplace, it is always better to have the item on hand once someone buys it so you can ship it out quickly. This has always been part of the controvery in using dropship suppliers and selling on that platform. eBay allows sellers to use drop ship suppliers, but they warn against this very issue. As all products on eBay should be ready to be shipped out at least within a 24 hour period of someone purchasing it.

    Many suppliers have a quick turn around time. So if an item is out of stock, they can usually get more fairly quickly. So the questions to the any supplier that you are interested in working with would be; 1. Do you have real time inventory so I will know what is in stock before I place it up for sale? 2. If the item does happen to be out of stock, what is your stocking turn around time? 3.. If I list a product for sale, is there a guarantee that you will have that item in stock? 4. Can I contact you prior to listing the product for sale to make sure that you have plenty to cover any potential orders?

    Many of our members also look for suppliers with the same product line to use a backup in case their regular supplier is out of stock.

    We also recommend to do test purchases with the wholesale supplier. This way you can see how the entire process works out for you and you will have at least ONE of the product on hand in case the supplier has to backorder.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Mark,

    No, that is not typically the case. Many suppliers ship the same day if the order is received early enough, or they will ship the next available business day. In the cases where the products are made to order, then the order can take time to arrive, but as long as you make that point clear to your customers, they will understand.


    Tisha Hedges
    Director of Operations

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