February had an extra day this year and we took advantage of it! We are still working on mass updates across the entire Directory to ensure that we have the most up to date contact information for the listed suppliers. At the same time, of course, we are ADDING Wholesalers to the Directory too!

So what did we add to the Directory last month in February? We added suppliers that, all together, offer a SKU count of over 8500 products!

The Newly Added Drop shippers and Wholesalers Offer:

Wholesale STEAM Kits
Dropship Calendars
Wholesale Educational Games
Wholesale Artisan Chocolates
Dropship Chocolate Truffles
Wholesale Microgreen Kits
Dropship Chocolate Bars
Wholesale Chocolate Dipped Bacon
Dropship Stationery
Wholesale Dog Shampoo
Dropship Planners
Wholesale Waist Trainers
Dropship Laser Engraved Drinkware

Wholesale Marshmallow Crispy Treats
Large Volume Keto Snacks
Wholesale Natural Pet Supplies
Large Volume Die Cast Toys
Wholesale Shapewear
Dropship Personalized Engraved Gifts
Wholesale Feminine Hygiene Products
Dropship Flower Girl Dresses
Wholesale Plant Seed Cigarette Filters
Dropship Communion Gowns
Wholesale Ride On Toys
Large Volume Food Seasoning

Wholesale Designer Fragrances
Dropship Designer Fragrances
Wholesale Flushable Wipes
Dropship Exotic Dance Wear
Wholesale Ride On Scooters
Dropship Baby Special Occasion Dresses
Wholesale Menstrual Products
Dropship Women’s Perfume
Wholesale Smoking Accessories
Dropship Men’s Cologne
Wholesale Perfume
Dropship Women’s Sexy Apparel
Wholesale Exotic Swimwear
…and more!

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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