April showers bring May flowers! In our case, April research brings May suppliers! Something that we do here at Worldwide Brands is source many of our listed suppliers via tradeshows. We load these wholesale contacts into our back-end system for tracking research, contacts and other important bits of information that we need to check out and monitor each supplier.

We then continue to reach out to the suppliers for information and to see if they want to be included in the Directory for our members to find and contact. Many times, a supplier that we found in a tradeshow the month before, will be listed the next month for our members AKA “April Research Brings May Suppliers!”

For our members, this backend tracking and research information is never seen. This is all for Worldwide Brands research staff eyes only! But our members do know that we spend a lot of time researching, contacting and verifying information. For well over 20 years we have provided the SAFEST Directory of wholesale suppliers and dropshippers for online retailers and our happy members reflect that.

So what did we add to the Directory last month in April?

The Newly Added Drop shippers and Wholesalers Offer:

April 2024 new wholesalers and dropshippers added

Dropship Trampolines
Wholesale Press-On Nails
Dropship Spy Puzzles
Wholesale Eco-Friendly Products
Dropship Cat Supplies
Wholesale Shapewear
Dropship Home Decor
Wholesale Vaping Accessories
Dropship Educational Jigsaw Puzzles
Wholesale False Nails
Large Volume E-Cigarettes
Wholesale Trampoline Accessories

Dropship Children’s Floor Puzzles
Wholesale Linen Fabrics
Dropship Decorative Ottomans
Wholesale Post Surgical Garments
Dropship Graphic Sweatshirts
Large Volume Furniture
Wholesale Workout Apparel
Dropship Crash Mats
Large Volume Embroidery Machine Accessories
Large Volume Pet Odor Removers
Dropship Self Cleaning Litter Boxes
Wholesale Home Decor

Dropship Handwoven Door Mats
Wholesale Travel Accessories
Dropship Luggage Sets
Large Volume Vaporizers
Dropship Women’s Apparel
Wholesale Hand Printed Textiles
Dropship Custom T-Shirts
Wholesale Travel Bags
…and more!

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By Tisha Hedges

Director of Operations for Worldwide Brands, Inc

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