Encore Select

This Company is in
good standing and
meets all of the strict
requirements to be a
WBI Certified® Wholesaler.

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Who They Are:
Encore Select Inc has been in business 11 years. We are the manufacturer of apparel, collectibles and novelty merchandise. We offer over 5000 skus for drop shipping. Dealing direct with the manufacturer you have the opportunity to offer savings to your customers!

Products They Offer:
Encore Select's product line is made up within a few areas.

Long Sleeved Shirts

These products are for adults, women and kids', featuring sports styles, city themes, events and trend motifs.

We also offer, collectibles: We have a large range of sports collectibles both autographed and gift price point items. TRU fitness ion watches, performance bands and titanium necklaces in many colors. Madbandz silly necklace bands of many different characters and styles
And more!

Advice They Have for Their Online Sellers:
We provide tools to help online retailers market and create niche opportunities to stand out from the crowd. We recommend that all of our online retailers utilize these tools.

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