Wholesale Listings

Hi, I’m Chris Malta, CEO of Worldwide Brands. Let’s take a look at Best Practices for working with Wholesaler Listings.

Before listing a wholesaler in the database, Worldwide Brands’ Research Team takes every wholesaler through a critical and thorough verification process to ensure that they are a genuine manufacturer or factory authorized wholesaler. This ensures that you’re getting the best possible wholesale prices and the most complete information anywhere on the internet.

Worldwide Brands provides all the information you need to effectively make your first call to that Supplier to learn about their Company, products and services and to open an account. It provides a fast start to building an excellent relationship with a Supplier Representative who can help you make money in your business.

Every wholesale listing contains a sample of product images, physical address, website address, representative contact name, and contact information including phone and fax number. The listing will also include shipping methods and regions, payment terms, and more listed in the comment section. You will also see a sample of their main product lines as well as the brand names they distribute by selecting on these sections within the wholesale listing.

Use the “My Suppliers Notes” section on the “Supplier Listing Pages” within the Database to keep important notes about your favorite suppliers.

Some Worldwide Brands Members use the Notes section to keep information they learn about their sales representative as they go along, like, interests, family, birthdays – you know – personal information that helps build a closer relationship with these people who are so important to your business.

Others keep notes about advice given by the representative, upcoming specials or technical information about the products that will help answer questions that your customers may ask.

When you are ready to set up a wholesale account, look at the bottom of the wholesale company listing page for instructions or for an instant online account setup form to submit to the supplier. The online account setup form submits your business information directly to the wholesaler. You can update your information to pre-populate the fields for you, by clicking on the My Account link on the top of the screen.

Sometimes a Supplier prefers to take you directly to their website to capture the information they need to set you up with an account.

If this is a supplier you like, and you are planning to do a lot of business with them, then you should save them to your “My Preferred Suppliers” list on the dashboard, so that you can quickly access them.

Simply select the “Add to My Suppliers” button in the top right corner.

As you learn in Chapter 7 of Worldwide Brand’s education product, The Whole $ale, it’s a wise Retailer who builds a good relationship with the Supplier’s Sales Representative. If they like you, a Supplier Representative will help you with early heads up on new, high demand products, specials, close out sales or general suggestions on how to move more products. Sales people build their incomes on commissions. They want you to be successful. Get to know the strategic ones really well.

In our next Chapter we will explore Best Practices for performing multiple market research analyses.