The Whole $ale

Hi, I’m Chris Malta, CEO of Worldwide Brands. I’m very excited to introduce you to The Whole $ale. This is Worldwide Brands’ 19 Chapter comprehensive education designed to help you start selling on the Internet quickly and painlessly and to provide a vision of the different paths you can take to grow your Internet Business and greatly increase your profits.

On your Member Center Landing Page you will see a menu near the top left. You can “Find Products Now,” follow the education in “The Whole Sale,” review your “Getting Started Resources,” go to our “Members Blog” or participate in “The Whole $ale Profits Forum.” You reach the Whole $ale education chapters by selecting “The Whole $ale” button.

The Whole $ale Landing Page will keep changing as we add updates to the available support materials and bonuses. From the menu, in the upper left of your screen, you can go to the education chapter menu. You can also go to any of the Insider eCommerce Reports that update you on trends on the Internet. You can review the available Bonus Materials or review any of the free videos that Worldwide Brands adds to The Whole $ale on a regular basis.

To the right of the display you see the “Announcements and resources” section. Here we alert you to the latest money savings deals Worldwide Brands has negotiated for its Whole $ale customers. Keep watching this space as it changes frequently.

Beginners on the Internet and experienced sellers are likely to use the Whole $ale education differently. When you first start out using the Whole $ale, there is a learning flow that we recommend.

Each Chapter is designed to start out with a video that sets the outline for the Chapter.

Each Chapter then has a workbook that provides additional content and a wider range of information on that subject. You should review the workbook content as soon as possible after you view the video.

Then have some fun by testing your learning using a short multiple choice quiz we provide with each Chapter.

There is no more effective way of learning that actually ‘doing!’ We have designed a few practical exercises for most chapters. Give them a try. You’ll find they’ll really help to build a solid foundation for you.

There’s more to being successful selling on the Internet than Product Sourcing as we outline in many of the Whole $ale Chapters. Through our many years in this business, Worldwide Brands has developed relationships with some experts who really have helped people become successful. We introduce you to the best of these experts in our Resources section.

So let’s follow this suggested flow for the first Chapter in the Whole $ale to get you into the rhythm of this education.

We start by clicking on the “Chapter Selection” link in the menu to the upper left. The drop down box reveals all the Chapters of the Whole $ale education, from our Introduction, to Chapters about Product Sourcing, Getting Legal, Working with Whole Sale Suppliers, using Fulfillment centers and much more. This education builds layer by layer and then focuses on what it takes to sell the right products, compete and build a highly profitable business.

There is valuable information in these Chapters even for very experienced Internet Retailers. We of course recommend that Beginning Internet Retailers start at the beginning and work in order all the way through the 19 Chapters , the experienced Retailer may want to jump around a little bit but we recommend that you view all the chapters in this education..

From any Chapter you can get back to the “Index of Chapters” by clicking the “Back to Index” button.

Let’s start at the beginning and select “Introduction.”

Let me introduce you to the layout of the learning experience since all Chapters have this same layout.

In the top center of the screen is the video player. When you first open the page, the video player starts streaming the video and preparing it to play which is why you see a fast rotating arrow. When you see the solid “Play” arrow, the video is ready to go. The player controls appear, or disappear, in the bottom section of the video player as you slide the cursor in or out of the player area.

Let’s see the video playing and see how you can use these controls.

You can pause the video at any time by selecting the pause button at the left of the player controls.

If you want to return to this position later, you may want to make a note of this location. The timer has two positions: to the left, the timer counts up as the video progresses. When you pause, it provides the time code position for that spot in the video. To the right, the counter tells you the full length of the video so you can see how far through the video you’ve actually advanced.

When you select “Play” again. You will see the timer counting up.

The slider advances as the program advances. You can use the slider to move forward or back in the video. If you want to repeat anything, simply slide the slider left to go back or to the right to go forward. If you made a note of the time code, you can slide back or forward to that point and watch again from there.

You can monitor the audio volume on the controls on your computer speakers but you can also adjust the sound volume by selecting the audio control button. A slider opens up and there you can adjust volume by moving the slider up or down.

The last button to the right allows you to increase the video display to Full Screen size. To return to the normal screen size you need to simply press your “escape” key on your keyboard.

The Chapter’s menu options are listed to the left of the video player. Each Chapter starts with an “Overview” of what the chapter contains. The “Why It’s Important” section talks about why you need to spend time in this chapter. The “Important Lessons” section contains the meat and content of the chapter. This section is the extended workbook based on the video you just watched.

We then give you the option to “Test Your Knowledge” – a short series of multiple choice questions after each “Important Lessons” section that allows you to score and track your learning progress. In the “Activities” section we provide practical exercises to enhance your understanding. Finally in each “Resources” section, we provide information and links to trusted experts and other products for you to explore.

There’s also a “View Transcript” option in case you want to actually read what was said in the video.

You can move forward or back one chapter by using the yellow advance or return buttons here.

You can come back to your Whole $ale chapters and view them on your screen as many times as you like. You can also print each workbook chapter as you move through the learning, or even print the entire workbook at once. Be careful before you select this option because it is a very very large print and there is a lot of paper involved.

To the right of the video display, there is a section for Notes. If you want to record a time code in the video that want to go back to or just repeat that section, you can type the time code reference and save it in your Notes area. You can save any of your own comments or summaries in this area. When you have finished typing, just select “Save” to save the note. You can also print your notes at any time.

This slider helps you reposition any of the content on your monitor. You can either move to each next section in the chapter by selecting from the menu, or selecting the yellow “Next” button.

In the “test Your Knowledge section, read each question carefully and review the alternative answers. If you select a wrong answer, the system will let you know and help with the right answer. When you select a correct answer, you’ll certainly know that also.

Once you have completed a test, the system displays all the answers showing the correct answers in green and the wrong answers in red. If you ever wish to re-take any test, call the Worldwide Brands Customer Support group and they will reset your records so you can restart your testing.

We strongly recommend that you do all of the activities provided with each chapter. These have been carefully thought out to help you simulate real life Internet Selling experiences.

Our Resources have also been very carefully thought out. As just one example, Worldwide Brands are the accredited Product Sourcing expert for We provide videos, podcast and articles for distribution on their website. There is a lot of other free information there that‘s very valuable to you. That’s just one example of all the resources that we have in this education

The “Back To Index” Button will always get you back to the beginning and all your menu options.

Worldwide Brands’ own eCommerce Analysts constantly works with research experts and industry analysts to assemble a tremendous amount of new eCommerce information for our Whole $ale Members. Keep visiting this section for the latest updates.

In the “Bonus Materials” section we list many bonus benefits we bring you through our interaction with our Affiliates, various Internet Experts and Suppliers. These Bonus Materials change frequently so keep your eye on this section to benefit from the bonuses early.

If you didn’t see our “Beating the Recession with eCommerce Video Series” when it first came out and was greeted with rave reviews, we have archived it for you. You can select any one of the videos to check out how to build a successful eCommerce business even through a recession economy

Beginners in Internet Retailing will want to visit our “Getting Started Resources” section for fast start help on how to secure that all important Tax ID.

We monitor our Blog day and night so we can get responses to our Members’ questions and comments as quickly as possible. To start using the Blog, select the “Welcome & Instructions” link. Then page down to the Blog entry window and blog away. We monitor the questions and comments to protect our Members from unrelated or intrusive Blog comments.

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I hope this video helps you navigate all the valuable information available to you as a Whole $ale Member. Remember you can always get online and telephone assistance from our Customer Support team. Thank you again for being a Worldwide Brands customer. We look forward to continuing to help you on your path to success